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neil wilkes

2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Feb 6, 2004
London, England
I love this record.
It should be a part of everyone's collection, specifically and especially for the final track "Babe, I'm on fire" which is simply awesome and is also included as the full length 15-minute version with the promo video for it as well - talk about an intense track!
The rest of it is damned fine as well - Nick Cave really does give the lie to the old statement that Australian culture is something that grows on yoghurt!
The band are on top form here right from the opening track and the whole thing never relents at all.
Recorded as a band (a rare thing in itself these days) with everyone playing live in a room, whilst working arrangements out on the fly, this one really gels.

Savaged at it's release, this is an often overlooked one from Nick & the Bad Seeds, and that is a real shame. This is a great record - did I mention yet that I love it??
Go Buy it - you will not be sorry


2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Jul 1, 2005
Albuquerque, NM
Neil, I think you're one of the few that really rave over Nocturama! I used to post a lot over the forum on Nick's site and this album got a rather ho-hum welcome upon release. While I don't count it as one of my top 3 NC albums I do think it's got a lot going for it and the reviews it got were a little harsh and undeserved. It's much like a good companion to "And No More Shall We Part" but with a few more leanings back towards his edgier side (Dead Man In My Bed and Babe I'm on Fire especially).

I'm just giving the 5.1 it's first spin. The mix is just fine thanks, I find it a nice improvement over the old 2 channel mix, a little more breathing room especially in the louder spots. The instrument spread on Bring It On works well with Warren's violin mostly in the rears. Okay, Rock of Gibraltar is still a bit of a throwaway, and I prefer the edit of Babe I'm On Fire (most days 15 minutes of it is just a little too much for me, and I've been listening to Nick since the Birthday Party days).

Good solid release, glad I bought it for sure. First listen score would be an 8 or 9 but I'll play it again before voting.


1K Club - QQ Shooting Star
QQ Supporter
Jul 19, 2012
Hey All,

I have been picking up some Nick Cave lately, and I ordered this title a few weeks back. Please be aware that there are TWO DIFFERENT two disc versions of this. One has a bonus video only on the DVD, the other has the surround mix.

The non-surround version is here:


The surround version (it seems) is here:


Order carefully!