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Chat With Larry Fast part 2

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TIM: "Larry, that is fantastic news about new surround mixes!! Please know that there are dedicated quad and surround groups that would welcome these mixes with open arms. I have been a moderator for over 15 years and I can tell you there is a reasonably sized group of people who welcome new surround material and are also fans of your work. My hope is that you go forward and know that when it's appropriate, I'll help spread the word at the forum and Facebook levels wherever possible. Regards, Tim
PS - The audience has matured to accepting downloads and burning their own discs (or FLAC files on servers) in place of or addition to optical discs.
Sorry one more thing, you've got me excited here. If there is any need for some funding that is something else we could discuss at an appropriate time."

LARRY: "Thanks for the interest in the HD audio surround mixes. I’ll definitely take you up on spreading the word when the time comes. Which sites or forums do you frequent? It’s been good to know that there is an audience receptive to higher definition downloads. For a while I had some of my titles available at HDtracks.com and we did a nice business in 24/96 PCM downloads which were new transfers digitized from the nonEQ original mixes. (The titles will probably go back up there in coming months). What I don’t see at the download or streaming services is a standardized format for dts or Dolby digital surround formats; only adapted older analog encoding like SQ, QS, Dolby theater formats which can be embedded into a digital two track master.

As to funding, I’ve been self-funding the digital transfers of original analog source materials, multitracks and mixes, and can do the same for the mixing. I have been considering PledgeMusic campaigns for the chosen titles just for pre-orders both to raise awareness and to gauge the anticipated number of copies of Blu-Ray Audio packages which might need to be manufactured. Still, thanks for the offer and if you’ve got alternate ideas I’d be happy to hear them."

TIM: "Evening Larry, I am most closely associated with http://www.quadraphonicquad.com. This community has been around since the turn of the century and 15+ years myself. There are some Facebook surround format fan pages but I only watch a few. Hoffman is not so much a surround fan base but they have their moments. Also of note are the number of music news pages such as http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/ as great places to note or display your wares. As far as downloads go, multi-channel FLACs are great to make discs from or play from a server, maybe attached to an OPPO universal disc player as many do.

Blu Ray would assume DTS-MA for the most part, some are DolbyTrueHD (like old MLP) and some may also supply LPCM if space permits and artist prefers. 24/96 stereo also. Depending on related materials (video, alternate mixes they might be nice bonus material. likely stereo only depending on multis availability, budget and taste. Pledge Music is a sound idea for both funding and visibility. Seems like you are making the right inquiries and decisions!"
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Okay, just from these first two installments....Larry, you're really on the beam and whenever you're ready to launch a Pledge.....please take my money!
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