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Chat with Larry Fast part 3

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Oct 7, 2017

TIM: “Good day Larry, just a couple ideas as a fan and musician, if I may?
Try to include the legacy quad mixes, demos, etc. on discs. Stagger the releases, have pre-order periods, sell more units that way. Regards, Tim

LARRY: “I’m trying to derive the quad mix from the QS encoded stereo master. The discrete 4 track masters were lost by the record company decades ago. There is a 24/192 digital copy of the original non-EQ stereo master and I have a QS decoder. It may be possible.

Release cycle and timing are the province of the distributor and their marketing plans. Currently with SonyRED, but possibly a new distribution arrangement elsewhere coming early in 2018.

Thanks for the thoughts.”

TIM: “Cool. Be advised that there is now a Surround Master decoder that does a KILLER job of QS decoding! Some say better that software scripts and maybe better than Sansui QSD1.” 👌🎶

LARRY: “All I have is the original hardware from 1974 supplied to the studio by Sansui--still working, but a pro-sumer level product, unbalanced I/O). Please tell me more about this decoder. Any idea about the circuitry inside?”

TIM: “I'm doing a work event in Florida right now but I will send you a link with details later this evening.”

LARRY: “Thanks. The 4:2:4 encoding/decoding is a pretty basic technology, so I'm curious about what they're doing differently than 45 years ago.”

TIM: “Try this for starters: http://involveaudio.com/product/surround-master/
We have detailed discussions on our quad forum as well.”

LARRY: “Interesting. On SurroundMaster's site tech page it looks like they've patented a method for splitting the signal into three frequency bands during decoding before recombining into full-bandwidth audio output signals. I can see why they'd do that to derive subwoofer and center channel information from quad, but for a straight 2:4 decode from stereo I'm not sure it's necessary. Helpful for a simplified surround consumer product, though.”
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