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Chat with Larry Fast part 6

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A couple months pass; it’s now December 2017:

TIM: “Hi Larry, hope all is well. I’d been keeping our conversations confidential until such a time as you telling me you’re ready for the QQ forum to know your plans. Was going to check in with before holidays to see where you were in your catalog reissue plans. It seems that another QQ member may have chatted with you and posted about that on the forum last night. So the cat is out of the bag so to speak. I replied that we’d been talking and that my intent was to invite you in during 2018 at a time of your choosing.

Now there will be questions that we can answer if you like or we defer them until a later date, whichever you prefer. Happy Holidays! Tim”

Then it becomes January 2018:

TIM: “Happy New Year Larry! Hoping your surround plans are still coming along. The QQ forum will be celebrating 15 years in its current form with a platform makeover in March. Hoping you will consider joining us and/or we can make an FAQ or something if that makes sense. Regards, Tim”

LARRY: “I'm still planning to. Been very tied up with national rollout of our film on PBS. There's a lot to adding film producer into my daily schedule. As that winds down and I'm between film projects, I'll be revisiting my musical back catalog and all of the surround projects which have had to wait. I also may have some changes in music distribution coming in the spring so there's not need to rush anything.

I've held off the QQ Forum because I don't have much time to actively participate at the moment. But, soon.”

In Part 7 it starts coming together! 😉
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