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BluRay Music Video Poll Chris Botti: Live with Orchestra and Guests [Blu-Ray]

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Rate the Blu-Ray disc of Chris Botti - LIVE WITH ORCHESTRA AND GUESTS

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Mar 2, 2002
Please post your thoughts and comments on this HD title. If you feel so inclined, include info on the type of equipment you are using for playback and your setup.

When voting, please remember that we're mostly interested in the quality of the sound and the surround mix as opposed to the video presentation, although in the case of these discs that would also be a consideration when contemplating a disc purchase.



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Dec 23, 2004
Midwest, USA
I'm going with a 9 on this one. Click here for my full review.

In summary... Pretty good use of using the surrounds to create an ambient feel. There's definitely stuff in the surrounds since I'm not straining my brain trying to envision how this might sound better. Not gimmicky at all. Video is so-so. Very dark and occasionally fuzzy, but sometimes extremely detailed high-def. BTW... I was listening to the 5.1 PCM tracks at 96khz. Nice bass, not boomy. Very reverberated trumpet. But it sounds pretty. The instrumentals are somewhat lively, but the songs with guest vocalists are often a little too "smooth jazz" for my tastes.