Christmas & Holiday Music in Surround

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Oct 15, 2018
Portland OR
I have the CD. It is in Dolby Surround.

This recording is copyrighted 2001. I have had the CD that long. It is much older than the Christmas Celebration CD. It is not in Dolby Surround.
Christmas Extraordinaire is a studio album of all new arrangements of Christmas songs, released in 2001. It's the fourth studio Christmas album from Mannheim Steamroller. Christmas Celebration is a "greatest hits" selection of songs from Mannheim's first four Christmas albums. Both Christmas Extraordinaire and Christmas Celebration were released at the time in 5.1 surround on DVD-Audio. To date, they remain the only Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music released in 5.1.
Jul 1, 2010
"Admiral Presents Christmas in Four Channel Surround (Q8/QR) - This is a fantastic collection of classic, vintage Christmas music from various artists (The Philadelphia Orchestra, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Robert Goulet, etc)... the fidelity sounds great for it's time and the surround mix is very discrete. I've only heard the Q8, but I imagine the QR sounds even better."

Thanks for alerting me to the one I'd never seen before. Someone had a sealed copy on SQ LP on ebay last month and I picked it up.
By the way, there is No QR copy. Columbia made NO QR open reel tapes.
I too just played a sealed SQ copy. Excellent fun!


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Jul 13, 2002
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A new disc by the Norwegian Girls Choir on 2L, Stille Grender. Unfortunately, the Blu-Ray is not yet available at Presto Classical, and ImportCDs shows availability on January 1st (!), even though the official release date is November 26th. Amazon: mp3 only. (I can't understand why this Grammy-winning label has such terrible distribution.)

You can download it right now from NativeDSD, at least--the 5.1 and stereo mixes, though not the Atmos mix. And you can stream it in high resolution on Tidal. Here's an article by Morten Lindberg about the recording process, with nice photos:

Thanks for highlighting this disc. I've just managed to get of a copy from a seller via Amazon UK and it's a gorgeous disc in 2L's usual, excellent surround sound. Some of the material may be familiar but the arrangements are new and different and the Girls' singing fits the mood perfectly. Highly recommended for something a bit different and a bit ethereal. (y)


Dec 3, 2017
Berlin, Germany
Here's a new surround album, and it's my first that was actually conceived for and recorded with a quad setup at my home studio in Berlin.

Markus Reuter - Comet - Surround Music One

The follow-up to "Winter Solstice" is my second release of ambient versions of melodies that are associated with Christmas here in Germany. My intention was to present these melodic cells in a new context. I hope you enjoy the results.

Much love,

p.s. My stereo mixes come as a bonus to the surround versions. Enjoy!