Christmas in Surround

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Bill Brent

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Apr 13, 2004
I've also posted this in the media forum - it is a general release that will show up in various outlets, always with a nod to Involve.....

Beginning tomorrow, December 10th, at 8am (NYC time) EZMax begins its new holiday programming. While we can't hope to hold a candle to The RadioXmas channel...

we will be offering a subtle alternative :)
At 8am, with a repeat at 8pm we begin our 15 days of Christmas in surround. A full hour of great Christmas songs recorded in surround sound, as always the presentation of these is made possible through a bit of Australian technology called the Involve Audio Encoder.
Following each show we present a classic from the archives of Old Time Radio Christmas show. All the greats will be there - Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, The Great Gildersleve, Orson Wells, Fibber McGee and Molly - and more).
For the remainder of the broadcast day it's a great mix of Beautiful Music, and holiday songs - including 8 days and nights with some of the songs of Chanukah (no matter how you spell it).

On Christmas day, we will be combining all the surround tracks culled from commercial releases and newly mixed from studio stems (multitracks) into a 3 hour presentation that will play at least twice during the day -

Happy Holidays!


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Aug 28, 2020
wow: back in the days before television, everyone would gather around to listen to the radio broadcasts. it was sort of a social event

Nowadays everyone is on individual smartphones: usually with headsets on, ignoring one another