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Cirlinca looking for beta testers for HD-Audio Solo Ultra 3.0

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Apr 4, 2011
Wales, UK
Version 4.0 of HD-Audio Solo Ultra came out two days ago. They've a $39.95 upgrade available for anyone who bought a licence prior to v. 3.3.


Feb 9, 2019
I've been using this to generate a couple of DVD-As, one of a choir and organ concert (very nice), and another of lineside recordings of a steam railway gala. I successfully managed to put still pictures on the DVD-A, but for the Blu-Ray version, try as I might, with various different PNG dimensions, it always ended up rendering it as a widely stretched 3840x1080 image, with a 1920 crop of the middle of the image showing on screen.

With the Blu-Ray I also had an issue with distortion (very much like tape drop-outs) for the first few seconds on the rear left channel on one of the tracks. This distortion isn't present when I play the DVD-A disc cooked from exactly the same LPCM files. Odd. I chopped the first minute or so off the affected track for the Blu-Ray version as it's pretty much superfluous -- I should think about chopping it off the DVD-A as well as it doesn't contribute anything much.
I own hd audio solo ultra and never needed the blu ray plugin because I didn't own a blu ray burner at the time now that I do as you already know the site has been down and I can not find this plugin anywhere. Is there any way you can share this plugin with me thanks
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