Quad LP/Tape Poll Conniff, Ray, And The Singers: Love Story [SQ/Q8]

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Since 2002/2003
Feb 8, 2004
The Top 40 Radio of My Mind
Columbia CQ 30498, from 1971.

Side 1:

1. (Where Do I Begin)Love Story
2. Sweet Caroline
3. It's Impossible
4. Come Saturday Morning
5. For The Good Times
6. Watching Scotty Grow

Side 2:

1. Rose Garden
2. El Condor Pasa
3. If You Could Read My Mind
4. My Sweet Lord
5. For All We Know

ED :) :D


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Nov 27, 2009
Something I didn't remember until now, is that like his peers Faith and Kostelanetz, all of his recordings were issued on reel tape. But, none of the reels were ever issued in Quad; 8-tracks were, but not reels. Considering this, it is probably a forgone conclusion that all of these easy listening recordings were originally conceived and executed for stereo reproduction; a few being selected to be re-mixed in an effort to jump on the Quad bandwagon Columbia was promoting.

It is a shame Columbia did not issue a Quad version of Kostelanetz' "Chicago" (the music group) album. Some of the rather eclectic (some might say bizarre) arrangements could have benefited from the format.

Quad Compiler

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Jul 11, 2017
Of the 5 Ray Conniff Quad mixes I've heard so far, this Q8 offers the most discrete one. This one follows in the footsteps of the Alone Again Q8 but actually improves on the mixing. This time, male vocals are in the rear and the female vocals in the front. The good news is that there is no reverb trail in the opposite channels which makes for a tighter and more enjoyable mix. The cherry on top here is that the male and female voices are split in two groups each which brings a truly discrete result for the vocals. The only instruments that are spread out in all four channels are the trumpets and the mandolins. Not ideal, but the result is still really sweat due to the the discrete vocals. I also get a feeling that unlike the Alone Again album, the singers heard here have been part of the Ray Conniff Singers for a while. The sound is a pleasant and familiar one. Track selection offers for the most part a good selection of hits of the time.

For a Q8, the fidelity of my tape is excellent.

I voted 8.

According to Discogs, the credit for this mix is:

Engineer [Quadraphonic Remix Engineer] – Jack Lattig

A quick request. Could a kind moderator create a poll thread for this other Ray Conniff Q8 please?