DVD/DTS Poll Cornelius - Sensurround [DTS 96/24 DVD]

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2K Club - QQ Super Nova
May 31, 2005
New Milford, CT
This is my original post from 2008 - still holds true today. Thanks again to Tim for the poll!

This flew under my radar - came out in September, CD/DVD set with 5.1 DTS mix on the DVD accompanied much like the previous 5Point1 with lovely, entrancing abstract videos. If you're familiar with Cornelius then this will make complete sense to you.

If you're new to Cornelius, he's a Japanese composer/performer who is a little bit DJ Shadow, with helping of Stereolab with just a few dashes of Brian Wilson, Tipper and BT. It's very happy, poppy electronica with synth washes, borrowed sounds and layers of gorgeous vocal harmonies - doesn't matter that it's Japanese - it's mainly oohs an ahs. The videos are companions to the songs which are companions to the videos if you get what I mean - they should be experienced together.

The DTS mix is stunning - I tried just listening and watching for a few minutes but I couldn't tear myself away - this is definitely funhouse stuff and if you're looking for some great demo material, both audio and visual - there's plenty here. There are a few extras including some footage from the live tour which looks pretty wild. The CD is a bonus disc of "B" sides - including some acapella vocals courtesy of Petra Haden (daughter of bassist extroadinaire Charlie). If you want a treat, check out Petra's complete acapella cover CD of The Who's "The Who Sell Out" - her version of "I Can See For Miles" - including her vocal take on the one note guitar solo is cracklin'

I love when I stumble on stuff like this - found it in Virgin Times Square - but it can be had through most online etailers. A definite must have. 10!

FWIW, this was nominated for the Surround Grammy back in 2008 - and deservingly so.