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Corrosion of Conformity "Live Volume" DVD-A

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600 Club - QQ All-Star
Jul 9, 2003
Piscataway, New Jersey
Corrosion of Conformity has continued to release their indivualistic brand of hardcore rock 'n' roll largely on the strength of their small but dedicated fan base. Having left corporate giant Columbia, and signed with the smaller Sanctuary Records, they have nonetheless put out a remakable choice of new products, the studio album "America's Volume Dealer", in CD and DVD-A, and "Live Volume", available in CD, DVD-A, and a movie of the concert in DVD Dolby 5.1 and VHS Dolby Surround. Imagine my dismay when I when to buy the "Live Volume" DVD-A and saw it was released by Silverline. Well in spite of bad reviews of this company's product, the chance to hear this great album in a multi-channel format won out, and I'm pleased to report that this is an excellent live surround recording. The 5.1 mix was done by Rich Fowler, the mastering by Charlie Watts, at 5.1 Studios in L.A. As live recordings go, the CD of this Detrioit concert is excellent, but this DVD-A is far superior. Three standout tracks, "Albatross", "13 Angels/7 Days", and "Clean My Wounds", are the definative versions of these songs; and the mixes, in both 5.1 hi-rez and 2 ch hi-rez stereo encoded in Dolby Surround, have clear separation in all channels, individual key instruments panning around, and just begs you to crank up the volume. In this instance, where a more obscure band can release DVD-A multi-channel discs due to working with Siverline, the chance to get a high end product of this quality is worth the few extra dollars. For those of you who like bands like Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Pantera, with a dose of Southern Rock for good measure, give this disc a listen. I have no doubt that it will result in C.O.C.'s fan base getting a little bigger.