Crass (1970s anarchist punk band) full album multi-tracks freely available

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Dec 23, 2010
I found out recently that the band Crass have made their first mini-LP freely available for remixing. The real aim is to find remixes they can release to raise money for charity. However, the full multi-tracks are available and they say you can do what you like with them so I'm sure that making a surround mix for your own use is fine. (Especially if you give some money to their favoured charity.)

There are 16 stems, each 30 mins long (the whole album), as 192/24, in Wav format. Track 16 is completely silent but you still have to download the 1.1Gb 192/24 file as part of the package... I downsampled using Sox to 48/24 because my PC couldn't handle the giant files. Seeing as this is punk, recorded all in one day, I think even 48/24 might be seen as OTT. There are also scans of the tape box/ tracking info.

Although it is punk from 1978, which has relatively simple instrumentation, I found the album spreads into surround nicely. There are two 'lead' guitars, so they sit nicely one in each rear, with most of the other standard stuff up front. But there enough other little bits (bvox, second bass, radio) to add variety. Of course, your mix choices might vary!

Be warned - the music is anarcho-punk - very shouty and noisy with controversial lyrics. Don't download until you've auditioned on You Tube, away from the ears of those who might be offended.



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Aug 17, 2020
This is awesome! I wish more bands did stuff like this. I will definitely have some fun with these if I ever get a surround mixing setup happening.