David Lee Roth Now Will Be Known as David L. Roth or El Roth

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Mar 3, 2009
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For what it's worth, here's what seems to be the most plausible explanation for that mess up there. This was posted in the YouTube comments section about a year ago by someone named "NeeChee5150":

"The song Jump as recorded on the 1984 disc/album/tape is in C. However, since the Hagar days EVH has used a pro-tools playback track of the 1984 prelude and Jump that are in C#. There are multiple performances of Jump from this tour that are in fact in C#. There are multiple performances on of Jump from the Hagar and Cherone years on You tube when EVH is using the pro-tools tracks playing Jump in C# as well. Ever since the 1884 tour EVH has had to have a separate designated guitar to play Jump and I'll Wait because those songs are keyboard based songs. EVH tunes all of his guitars EXCEPT his Jump/I'll wait guitar to open E flat. Back when they used an onstage keyboard player his Jump guitar was tuned to play Jump in the key of C with the keyboards and this guitar was tuned to the A 440 standard. When EVH decided to start performing Jump in C#, once again he had to have his Jump guitar tuned accordingly so that he can play the song without having to worry about transposing or having to relearn the song in a different position on the neck. If you listen carefully when Wolfgang plays he is in tune with the keyboard tracks. Dave is in tune with the keyboard tracks. The problem here is that EVH did not switch to the designated Jump/I'll wait tuned guitar that would allow him to play Jump in the same fret positions on the neck of the guitar as he has been doing for decades. This debacle is 100% due to the guitar not being in tune with the rest of the band and especially the keyboard tracks. For proof of this fact, take two other performances of jump from this period of time and sync them up with this debacle and play them simultaneously. The keys play at the same exact pitch and speed and the guitars on the other two performances are playing in C# with the keys but this Greensboro debacle has a guitar track that is not in tune with the keyboard tracks of the three performances that are played simultaneously. Lonnie Totman one of EVH's former guitar techs explains why this CANT be due to sample rate differences and he explains about the long standing need to have a guitar tuned to play with the keyboard tracks. This is 100% on EVH as he can go and change guitars and resume playing on a song like Jump real easy."
I don't buy it. The intro was at the correct pitch. It wasn't until the keyboard riff that it was too high.