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Chris Gerhard

2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Jan 15, 2006
Little Rock, AR
I am a big fan of Diana Krall and of course of Blu-ray so I purchased this one some time ago. I got it out this morning to listen again when I saw this thread. My first thought with the first listen weeks ago was that I didn't like the song selection or performance nearly as well as the two concert DVD-V's I own, Paris and Montreal. Of course the Blu-ray video and audio are much better. I own all of her high resolution surround recordings on either SACD or DVD-A and a couple of CD's in addition to the concert discs. Technically, the disc is good and it was recorded well. The mix is mostly to the front channels, no surprise. It is DTS-HD MA 5.1, I don't believe 24-Bit, not sure why it isn't but sound quality is very good in any event. The setting is very dark and so much better than similarly dark concert DVD-V's, dark details are mostly clear. Clips of Rio are mingled with the concert footage, I am undecided on that aspect of the disc but I would love to go to Rio so I welcome it. Overall, certainly not bad and by Blu-ray standards I will give it a 7.