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Did I buy the wrong card M-Audio AudioPhile 192

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Aug 26, 2003
This card is cataloged as a 4in 4 out card - it says so on the box. I was hoping to use it to archive quadraphonic records but when I go to use it I can only seem to find 2 analog input channels. Am I missing something or have I got the wrong card.I have gotten hold of a Windows XP refurbished desktop that otherwise works well. My old 8 input channel Isys Gullemont card only works with Windows 98 and it is getting old and of course I cannot use it with updated software.
Is there anyway I can record four channel with the M-Audio card I bought. :(

Jim the Oldbie

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Jun 6, 2015
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This card is cataloged as a 4in 4 out card... Is there anyway I can record four channel with the M-Audio card I bought. :(
Misleading advertising, I'm afraid. Technically, this is a 4-in, 4-out card, but only when you include the digital (S/PDIF) I/O. There are actually only 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs. They can be used simultaneously with the digital channels, although that's hardly useful in the real world of course. :(

-- Jim


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May 28, 2011
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I use the M-Audio Delta 66 and also the Delta 44 (same card without SPDIF input). The drawback of this card is it can only do maximum 96Khz sample rate. Plus side it's an older card and quite a few are available on eBay for reasonable prices.