Did we ever solve the mystery of the "Tanquery" tapes?


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You see them pop up from time to time on eBay, I've owned a couple of them myself (but they've been so elusive, I've pretty much given up trying to collect them all) so, I've just been trying to at the very least catalog the ones that do pop up. Stupid me though, never thought to take/save pictures - even of the ones I owned!

Here's the list so far:
Holiday HQ 3007 Gypsy Violin Volume 1
Tanquery TQ 5003 Solid Gold Rock Volume 2
Tanquery TQ 5007 Solid Soul Volume 1
Tanquery TQ 5010 Soundtrack Godspell
Tanquery TQ 5012 Michel Legrand The Music of Michel Legrand
Tanquery TQ 5017 Solid Soul Volume 2
Tanquery TQ 5021 Unknown Artist Golden Hits of the 40's
Tanquery TQ 5026 Unknown Artist Swing Gently with Strauss
Tanquery TQ 5028 Million Seller Hits Volume 2
Tanquery TQ 5033 Quad Sampler Volume 1
Tanquery TQ 5034 Quad Sampler Volume 2
Tanquery TQ 5035 Quad Sampler Volume 3
Tanquery TQ 5043 Rhapsody for Young Lovers Volume 2

And ONE photo from a recent eBay auction:

TQ-5017_ Solid Soul.jpg

I've never been able to dig up ANY information on these tapes. They are a weird bunch, in the same vain as the S.A.M. (Sound-Alike Music) tapes which also had several release in Quad.
Though, where the S.A.M. tapes are actually half-assedly 4-channel discrete, these Tanquery tapes will have varying styles of mixes all on the same tape. One song will be four-corner discrete, the next will be dead-nuts Mono; the next will be double stereo, or in one case --- I'm pretty sure it was on the "Million Selling Hits" tape, where three channels were the same and FL had a tambourine shaking out of it. Just crazy stuff. The performances range from them obviously misappropriating the legitimate multitrack and replacing the hit-vocalist with some unknown secretary, to some GAWD AWFUL garage-band music school drop-outs. More often than not though, if the music track was on point; the vocals were horrid. But if the vocals were really good - and there are some examples - the backing band was unfortunately several cases deep by this point.

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Mar 16, 2004
Here are photos that I have

TANQUERY Golden Hits of the Forties. TQ 5021 (Q8)
TANQUERY Golden Hits of the Forties. TQ 5021 (Q8)a.jpg

Tanquery Quad Sampler Vol. 2. TQ-5034 (Q8)
Tanquery Quad Sampler Vol. 2. TQ-5034 (Q8)a.jpg

Tanquery Productions Quad 8 Sampler Vol. 3 TQ 5035 (Q8)
Tanquery Productions Quad 8 Sampler Vol. 3C.jpg

TANQUERY Million Seller Hits, Vol. 2. TQ 5028 (Q8)
TANQUERY Million Seller Hits, vOL. 2. TQ 5028 (Q8)a.jpg

HOLIDAY Quad Gypsy Violin. HQ 3007 (Q8)
HOLIDAY Quad Gypsy Violin. HQ 3007 (Q8)a.jpg
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