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Mar 2, 2002
Please post your thoughts and comments on this DVD-Audio release on Reprise from 2002. (n):phones(y)

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Oct 13, 2009
The mix is a bit un-inventive, not one that really grabs me....



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May 22, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
I've had this for quite a few years. This one doesn't get heavy rotation. Listening to it now as the band is getting some regular air play currently on Melbourne radio..

Fidelity wise it is pretty good- can be cranked up without becoming ear fatiguing. Similar in genre to Metallica's 'Black' album- at least in terms of the hard/heavy rock optiions available on DVD-A format.

Less harsh on the high-end than the Metallica offering.

Using the same 'Black' album analogy, the track 'Darkness' is Disturbed's 'Unforgiven' moment with acoustic guitar feel and strings- no pipes though. Not bad- but not as good as the comparison song, nor reasly in the same ball park.

Mix wise- yeah pretty uninspiring. 1st track has some rear vocal content going on- but not much beyond this. (Not a band that appears to harmonise much though...)
2nd track has a speedy vocal that starts in left front speaker- goes so quick I wven missed the muther F"er reference - so i'm hoping it glossed over my 7 y. Old as well whom strolled in listening. Then the song continues sporadically with this vocal in the centre- wish it was mixed into rears- would clash less I reckon with lead vocal.
Quite effective guitar usage- with power and dynamics retained.
You might love this disc if you dig metal. Drums have a nice punch- paticularly double kick bass drum passages.
Lyrically too dark for my taste- "i want to play with your evil inside" in 'Awaken' & many references to believing lies comes across as oarticularly anti-religion. Definitely not as dark as black metal though- i'd suspect.
Songs all a bit' samey' lyrically and in structure, production and format.
Enjoyed the dynamics, and the clean, big stereo wall of sound, but for a surround enthusiast it's a bit like a pash with someone you're interested in and a but of foreplay- when what you reaaly wanted was the complete sensory experience.....

A 6.5 (rounded up to 7) from me. No great heights hit here[emoji57]
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