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Dec 6, 2010
New Zealand . Waitakere
today my report on my listening experience with the Sansui QSD2 of BBQ.
It was already a pleasure to reception and unpack the package.
There was, I think, a brand new decoder to light. Since I ask myself if he had in action or was stored well in the closet.
And then the surprise, there were six records - also in a very well maintained condition and even a connection cable - a real starter pack for which I needed "only" a voltage converter
When this finally arrived and I had the time (weekend) was built.
So the "experimental setup" looked at me and you can see what is being played.

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Player: Sansui XR - Q5
Receiver: Marantz 4400
and.... :bowing: Sansui QSD-2 with Pink Floyd record :51QQ

And how it plays/sounds - a great decoding. The dissolution is great, a distribution in the room that I enjoyed.
My wife had to ask for food several times - I was too fascinated.
A record rided himself to the next and I enjoyed the warm sound, which may also be enjoyed on my Marantz amplifier.
I like it very much - thank you to William šŸ‘šŸ„‚
Now I have to think about how I can convert my shelf wall to the QSD-2 also visible and switchable. That's not easy, but I will probably find a way.

Many thanks to BBQ for this great action - really great
thank you!
Thank you very much for your feed back and I hope you get a lot of pleasure From the Sansui unit I hope I haven`t given you the ...."QS bug"....