DTS-HD Master Audio Suite Y2k21 error

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Apr 22, 2002
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Finally had a little time to dabble a little with the pile of files that need working on - and ended up having to waste my time figuring out how to fix a problem from the awful programmers at DTS.

Was getting an error trying to encode DTS that I never got before.

Went back to my original install files, which I run on a virtual machine with XP, and still couldn't get it going again. I think I had this working on 7 at one point, not sure if I ever had it working on 10, but at some point I had problems, tested on a virtual XP machine, and it wasn't worth the time to go any further than that.

Well, I googled the error I was getting, and found this thread - DTS-HD MAS encoder has stopped working....why? - Doom9's Forum

The short answer is - set your calendar back to before 2021.

The forum thread I pasted also has a patched file that is reported to fix the problem - but since I don't know where it came from or what's in it, and setting the clock back is no big deal on a vm I only use to encode dts, I haven't bothered obtaining it.