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neil wilkes

2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Feb 6, 2004
London, England
I thought I would add my own views here for a change...
First off, the packaging is for once quite substantial, although I suspect in the US this will be a DualDisc. As it is here, it's a CD/DVD package.
The DVD component is the interesting one from our perspective.
All footage was shot and edited in HD - and it shows.
Audio has 4 options:
Stereo, SRS Circle Surround, Dolby Digital & DTS. As to be expected, the DTS mix is streets ahead of the others in terms of quality and the mix itself could be better, could be a lot worse. It's a live show, and the producer seems to have played safe & placed the listeners perspective about 20 rows back in Wembley Arena. Just for once I would like to hear a live show mixed by Elliot Scheiner - I bet he would do a fully discrete mix!

Talking about the different Audio streams now...
The SRS track seems to be really narrow - the soundfield almost collapses when this mode is accessed - and interestingly enough on the test player used - Yamaha DVD S1500 - it shows onscreen as Dolby Digital despite being sent out directly from the player as 5.1 direct.
When switching to digital outs, the difference is slight but still prominent.
The DD track is lacking in clarity somewhat over the DTS one - and it is the DTS stream that really opens up the sound.
Imagine this in High Rez - the performances are spot on, and it sounds very tight & well rehearsed. Then again, they have been doing it long enough....

On to the minus points.
1/. The audio starts off well out of sync with the video, and every time you access the disc it starts off out of sync. This may just be another fault of the evil Yamaha player - I have a Denon 1920 arriving later today and will recheck this. But if it is an authoring thing, it is inexcusable.
2/. Do not attempt to access individual tracks using the remote. They are all incorrectly numbered. IE, if you try to access "Planet Earth" and press button 9 on the remote, it actually plays track 8. The same is true for every track.

Silly moment.
there is a set of 3D glasses included, and some of the cover art is supposedly 3D - it does not work very well.
There is also a 3D video included in the bonus features. Again, this just looks like wobbly black & white. Nice idea, but a gimmick that detracts from how good the main gig really is. IMHO it does not need gimmicks.

If you like this sort of thing, you will love this.
Much better than the Arena live album, and the crowd are obviously well into it.
Worth buying.

Just played this on my new 2910, and the Audio/Video sync issue is seriously noticeable. It is almost disconcerting watching it, and has to be one of 2 reasons why:
1/. It could just be really "clever" Post PProduction, and trying to give the effect of being 30 rows back in the arena.
2/. It's a fvck-up.
I suspect the latter as the Audio is ahead of the Video, not behind it.

Can anyone else confirm?
This apart, the sound on this disc is very, very good.
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2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Mar 24, 2003
Milton, Canada
No Dualdisc here. I bought this. DVD package with a bonus cd.
No chance to play it yet. Too much Talking Heads to soak in right now!