HiRez Poll Earth, Wind & Fire - SPIRIT & THAT'S THE WAY OF THE WORLD [SACD]


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I think this is the best bargain in all of surround. Getting two Top 2 albums that sold over a combined 5 million that were sonic gems even when they were released -- AND getting the rare and spectacular quad mixes for ~$15?

Unless one just so simply can't stomach 70s R&B that they never purchase anything in that genre, I can't imagine anyone here not wanting this release.
"Whatcha, whatcha, whatcha, whatcha know???"
Brilliant album, great sounds. I just lowered to 9 because I miss a bit LF extension to better hear V. White bass (and modifying LFE volume on my amp is a complicated, plus, I don't like to change settings I carefully set).
The music is just made to sound in quad, and as often, lack of multichanell effects at the time accounts for instruments sounding a bit raw, which I really like.
EW&F must be one of the groups with the most successful (quality wise) run of 5.1 and 4.0 quadraphonic mixed albums. The two on Audio Fidelity, and the two here, plus the Sony issued "Gratitude" SACD showcase an example of flawless surround mixing of spectacularly produced albums which has not been topped.

Not to take this Spotlight thread off topic, so I won't mention other acts that also have 5 of more albums in surround, but it really gets no better than this. And the music here still sounds so fresh today. I wish more people could hear these 5 albums in surround. We should thank Sony for their tape preservation efforts, and DV and AF for their good taste and results in delivering all these stunners. It does not always work out so well like this in the surround reissue business.