Eolian - 5.1 FLAC release


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Sep 2, 2012
Denver, CO
Another thing I should make more clear is that these (vocal) songs were all released in 2019, one each week. They are presented in the order in which I finished them, and I finished them in the order in which I wanted them to appear on these albums. In other words, I planned each album's sequence and then finished the appropriate song that particular week.
This is not to say that each week I started from scratch on each song. Some songs took months and months, and one or two were written and recorded quickly. All of this was done in stereo, but I was always layering thinking of 5.1 (all of this in Nuendo).
This is true of the first 46 songs. The last six songs on Back to Blackened were made as a 20-minute side, and were finished together to complete the year of a song each week.
The 5.1 mixes were done throughout 2020. The instrumental mixes were the last to be completed, most in the past month or two. You'll note that several of the instrumental mixes have layers that weren't in the vocal mixes. Similarly, some songs on Dust, While We Wait, and Back to Blackened have layers that aren't in the stereo mixes. Extra surround ear candy was added on some songs that were more basic.
I hope that sheds some light, and I hope the complete package isn't too overwhelming to absorb. I thought about releasing them an album at a time, but I think of it more like a big concept album than separate albums.
Feel free to ask anything.