Quad LP/Tape Poll Faith, Percy, His Orchestra & Chorus: Day By Day [SQ/Q8]

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2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Since 2002/2003
Feb 8, 2004
The Top 40 Radio of My Mind
Columbia CQ 31627, from 1972.

Side 1:

1. Song Sung Blue
2. The First Time Ever(I Saw Your Face)
3. Conquistador
4. I Need You
5. Amazing Grace

Side 2:

1. Day By Day
2. Love Theme From "The Godfather"
3. How Can I Be Sure
4. Bach's Lunch
5. Candy Man
6. Too Young

ED :)


Active Member
Nov 27, 2009
For those uninitiated, this is what some would call elevator music; usually orchestral arrangements of current hits or popular standards. Personally, I have always enjoyed the sound of a fine orchestra (my introduction to the Beatles was by way of an album by the Hollyridge Strings arranged and conducted by Stu Phillips). Often, the musicians in these orchestras were taken from the finest studio musicians with the strings (in the case of Kostelanetz) filled-out by members of the New York Philharmonic. If you are a fan of orchestral music, you already know the name Percy Faith and what that name means.

In the case of this album, it is a very good mix of arrangements mostly of songs from the early 70's. The surround mix is rather uninteresting based on my vinyl copy. I hear a lot of crosstalk between Left/front-rear and Right/front-rear. The Q8 might be better. Like with most of Columbia's SQ classical recordings, you really don't get a lot from the surround.

Still a fine recording.