Favorite speaker setup for Atmos music (i.e. Abbey Road)


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Jan 9, 2023
WozzaDog, that post was from three and a half years ago! My room has been documented here on a few threads; here's a link to the Nov 2022 setup, which is being updated to delete the 45 and 135 SVS Prime Elevation ceilings and instead include timbre-matched (to the bed) two pair ofAerial 5Ts (at the 30 and 140 positions), with an Auro-3D bias but great for Atmos. If I find that there is a hole in the front-to-back ceiling flyovers then I will put one pair of my Prime Elevations at top middle l and r (or define them as side heights, we'll see). That will require me to upgrade my Lyngdorf from an MP-40 to an MP-60 but I can do it. :)

Lol. Yip I screwed up the dates. I saw the latest post and thought it was a new thread on my phone. This site has so many adds pop up I get overwhelmed. I wish subscriptions made the adds go away.

How is the Lyndorf? The MP 40 looks fantastic, as does the MP60. I know nothing about Lyndorf's room correction, time to start researching.

Your comments on the hole in the ceiling validates my view of using 6 ceiling or 4 heights and 4 ceiling. Im stuck with 4 ceiling on the NAD and its not enough. I want heights and ceiling speakers.

What Im planning for is a new processor this year or next that will do:
1. 7 floor
2. 1 center
3. 4 subs with independent room adjustment
4a. 4 heights (2front, 2 rear) (4h) and 6 ceiling (6c), or
4b. 6 heights (2 front, 2 side, 2 rear) (6h), and 4 ceiling.

So that could read as: (22) or (22) - Preferred

Im hoping that the new 2023 Emotiva processors coming out in the summer will give me all that I want with Dirac, I believe so ;)


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Jun 7, 2016
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I wish subscriptions made the adds go away.
They do, and thanks for being a supporter.

username-> your account-> preferences-> scroll down->

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