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The Sheltering Sky (1990) BD:
1. DTS-MA 5.1 but there's not much coming from the surrounds except score and some background sounds. It's very "stereo" and I had to up the centre 4dB to get a decent centering of the dialogue.
2. Great cinematography though, and Debra Winger and Malkovich were great + Campbell Scott. I'm not a typically a fan of Bertolucci but this was an interesting watch.
3. Region B here: The Sheltering Sky

Not a BIG Bertolucci fan? I can only guess what your take is on Bertolucci's profane THE DREAMERS. I liked it!


Eva Green from Bertolucci's THE DREAMERS!
Just spent the last two hours watching Robert Benton's BILLY BATHGATE with an incendiary Dustin Hoffman as Dutch Schultz and co stars Nicole Kidman, Bruce Willis, Loren Dean, Steve Buscemi and Stanley Tucci based on the novel by E.L. Doctorow with a screenplay by Tom Stoppard. Excellent Kino Lorber 1080p transfer and the soundtrack was immersive.

Cinematography by Néstor Almendros; Music by Mark Isham

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I watched director Mira Nair's [Monsoon Wedding] riveting 1988 film SALAAM BOMBAY! last night concerning the atrocious guttural street life on the streets of Bombay and the performances, mostly from amateurs, were simply amazing. The stand out performance was from a very youthful Shafiq Syed, a wide eyed, brazen teenage street urchin who through exceptional wiles survives and lives to tell the tale. And it was very heartening in the bonus features supplied by Kino Lorber to learn that because of his feature debut he went on to a successful acting career and raised a family. Highly Recommended.
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Coming from Deaf Crocodile on May 31st [4K restored 1080p/DTS~HD MA Mono/In Russian/wEnglish subtitles]]
Be sure to watch the trailer supplied by distributor Vinegar Syndrome ... quite amazing

Also arrived today from Vinegar Syndrome in its original Russian Language edition for the first time and fully restored from source material! Beautiful embossed slip cover [only available from Vinegar Syndrome].
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Arrived today from Vinegar Syndrome in Bridgeport, CT with an exclusive slip cover. Such a great film!

Had the pleasure of watching this wonderful film in gorgeous 1080p resolution which I had only previously seen on laserdisc. Nice Dolby Surround as well. Such a kinky offbeat treasure with a wonderful Eric Roberts and a drop dead gorgeous Greta Scacchi in their primes. Quirky and well worth picking up or catching on demand when you're in the mood for a really great feel good adventure.

Watching my (used) Star Wars CED videodisc -DPL (original) decoding - on the 45th anniversary of the premier.

Like the 1st release of SW on LaserDisc, this CED is time compressed (picture and sound are good for a ~40 year old stylus played videodisc).

RCA had planned to add PCM stereo digital audio to the CED videodisc, but CED was discontinued 1984-04-04.

Surround effects are good, the wind noise on Tatooine is in the surround channel and sounds realistic.

Kirk Bayne
Coming July 26th from KINO LORBER, Stanley Kubrick's THE KILLING [Native UHD4K from the original camera negative/HDR10/Dolby Vision/DTS~HA MA 2.0]

A great flick. Haven't seen it for many years. I still have it on an as-yet unwatched BD I got for about $5 years ago. Not sure if I'll upgrade just yet.

Man, the Kube ruled. Except for Fear and Desire but hey, gotta start somewhere.

Sterling Hayden was the man too. Got a Silver Star if what I read on the Internets is the troof.

Elisha Cook Jr's in it too. He was a cool guy. There's a dude at my local hardware store who is a dead ringer for him. I've often done a double-take when I've seen him in there. "Whoa, it's... oh, no it isn't."