Fish - Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors and Internal Exiles to be mixed in Atmos (4CD+BluRay Deluxe Sets Shipping July 29, 2024)


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I would say that there's no hurry, it's pricey items and they normally don't sell like hot cakes.
After the last update, I'll surely wait until the Euro store accepts the pre orders
Yes, I meant that the question would be between pre-ordering (in the EU store, with or without separate orders) or waiting for the release date.
He did mention during one of his "Fish on Friday" webcasts that he was only ordering enough to reach the price break.

Can't recall that it was as high as 3,000. Given that he is selling his home/studio/merchandise HQ before the end of summer, he definitely said he had no intention of buying more than he feels he sell straight off along with a quantity he can sell at tour dates.

And that if the demand did move him to re-order, he definitely warned that the price would significantly jump. He repeatedly has stated that he struggled with the pricing enough. On one hand, making it affordable but on the other pricing it at the value he perceives the contents are worth.
Found it!
"All the formats are going to be limited editions to some degree. The deluxe version I have kept to £49.99 ex VAT or £59.99 inc VAT. This doesn’t include postage. For all the work that has gone into this across the board and the content, I think it’s incredible value, and I refrained from pricing this higher. This reflects a print order of 3000 in order to get the price down as low as I can"
@César - good job finding that. He does kind of bounce all over the place on webcasts :0

It would seem more logical to put them up for pre-order before he commits to a print run but then again he has been burned where he had to refund people's $ after the manufacture screwed up the production run.
That is fantastic news!
"Vigil" is outstanding. "Internal" starts off hot with "Credo" & "Shadow Play" and then kind of stalls out until the title track and the closing cover of "Something in the Air".

Sounds like Universal may be opting to expand the modest success of the Marillion Deluxe Project to Fish's first two solo albums?
They were originally released on EMI & Polydor respectively.

Wish Universal would front some seed money for some of his independent releases to redone in 5.1
The Steve Wilson produced "Sunsets on Empire" and his "13th Star" albums are my favorites.
I wish Steven Wilson would do Sunsets On Empire in surround.
Just ordered Vigil... The fish store website worked fine for me but I was only ordering the one title. Still pretty pricey with tracking added. I don't feel that Internal Exile was nearly as good as Vigil and not worth the same amount of money, IMHO - although the package does look very nice.
It doesn't look like a glitch to me, but I don't understand the reasoning. Maybe the bundle will be available again after the release date, but not sure why especially if you can still place 2 separate orders.
I ordered the bundle from the UK store without UK VAT, and it was NOK 200.- cheaper than the EU store. Have to pay Norwegian VAT regardless where I buy from.
For the most part I love Fish’s candor and “it-is-what-it-is” attitude.
On his June 14th “Fish on Friday” web cast, he addresses the glitch in the set-up of the ecommerce site they switched over to for this preorder campaign.
He is apologetic up to a point and simply states that it just happened and it wasn’t a planned thing.

A mostly direct quote here but there were some inaudible mumblings in there.

“Every time we do a launch or preorder it is like, my god…
We have never done (ever) a preorder that has all gone according to plan.
We spend months, and months, and months of getting things together and setting stuff up and..”

He seems to be laughing it off with a bit of frustration.

He goes on to say that he is trying to help those in the States that ordered individually and now want to switch to the bundle. However, he says it is tough because although Paypal won’t charge him for the cancelation of an order, he doesn’t get a refund on Paypal’s original transaction charge. Meaning that when he switches over the order to the bundle, he is charged again even though he isn’t making anymore revenue.

He says he just can’t take the hit to all the orders and points out that he did try and tell those in the EU to hold out and order from the separate EU store once it was loaded into that system.

In all honesty for the UK , I am asking fans to just sit with that and except it.”

Like I wrote before, I have never seen a plan for Fish go according to plan (and Fish himself even backs it up).

Seems like this current plan has dodged yet another snafu as well.
He said he suddenly realized that his Bueray license was up for renewal on July 7th – about the same time the Vigil & Internal Box Sets are scheduled to be manufactured.

He goes on to tell the story on his slightly comic quest to figure out how and where to renew the license and if he even needs it or why. In the end it gets sorted with the help of women in Oregon that is fascinated that Fish is going have sheep on his croft.

Ah one last time through the craziness with Fish.
It has been a long strange ride being a fan of his but I am so glad I hung on to the end.

Going to miss his music-based shenanigans.