For Sale: Sony SQD-2070 Quadraphonic Decoder with Full Logic

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For Sale: Sony SQD-2070 Quadraphonic Decoder with Full Logic

Sale Price: $29 local sale price. Preference given to local, San Jose, CA, buyer that can pick it up. I would prefer not to pack and ship, but will if buyer pays $45
and all shipping costs.

Condition: Very good cosmetic condition. (see pictures). I tested the decoder this morning and it and it seems to work as designed. It comes complete with the original box and Owner’s Instruction Manual.

Barn Find: I was out in “the barn” yesterday looking for items that I no longer needed and found this SQ decoder. I have not used it in a long, long time. I purchased the SQD-2070 brand new in May of 1976 and used it for a number of years until I found other matrix decoders that worked better in my system. The SQ quadraphonic system was the most popular with the most titles released. Sony was the primary backer and producer of SQ quadraphonic equipment. This decoder features "Full Logic" for enhanced separation between channels.

Thank you: Thank you for looking at my ad.

SQD-2070 (1).JPG
SQD-2070 (7).JPG
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