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May 30, 2005
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When CD's came out it was noted that analog gramophone type records had reached the 100 year mark for that technology. Then when DVD-Audio was emerging it was noted that CD's had only reached their 10th anniversary. It was supposed to replace the CD. How did that turn out? When Best Buy dropped CD's from their stores I was disappointed. Maybe now they stock vinyl LP's but I don't know since it's been years I've walked into a BB store. I know Target still sells CD's but I only know that peripherally as I glance at that section when I walk in. I don't look for music there.

As I mentioned elsewhere with some tinnitus, threshold deficit and high end roll off I probably have 10 bit ears. So CD, if recorded & mastered properly, still sound great to me.


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Nov 15, 2010
Talk about a headline in search of a narrative.

They’re using the secondary market (specifically Discogs) as a barometer for CD enthusiasm? First of all, it could just signify increased use of Discogs. Second, sales on the secondary market is basically a zero sum game. It could mean there is increased enthusiasm or it could mean waning enthusiasm. In lieu of any info about average sales prices (which is probably not inadvertent because if it was favorable it would likely be included to support the narrative), a dispassionate observer would conclude it is just as likely (if not moreso) that people are unloading CDs cheaply in a declining market more than buying them because of increased enthusiasm for the format.

The better barometer is sales of new CDs. That went up slightly in 2021 from 2020 - simply returning to 2019‘s level - but it remains to be seen whether that was really a trend or a temporary perturbation due to covid. The fact of the matter is new CD sales are still about 5% of what they were in 2000.


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Jul 13, 2015
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DVD-Audio came out in 1992? I must have missed that. I only bought my first DVD-Audio disc in 2000.
It definitely did not. The DVD itself didn't enter production until 1996 (in Japan; '97 U.S., '98 Europe, '99 Oz/NZ). DVD-A specifications were finalized in '99 and the first discs were available starting in 2000. So, the CD was actually closer to 20 years old rather than 10 (18, to be precise).


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Jan 9, 2013
Well, I believe we ALL can agree that RBCD Hardware has improved immeasurably since those first CD spinners hit the market. No more JITTER and other anomalies associated with those early players.

As for modern disc replication ..... I'm always wary of over compressed discs, most especially Rock/Heavy Metal and try to read reviews before purchasing. I do notice that if you're a jazz or classical buff, those discs are less likely to be compressed and of course those boutique companies like Rubellan Masters do a yeoman's job of replicating RBCDs with copious bonus tracks.

I do find it 'amusing' that RBCDs still list for $14~16 when for that same $$$$ I can purchase SACDs, BD~As and/or UHD4K films!