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Frank Valdor - TROPICAL DANCING: New from Quadro-Surround

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Mar 2, 2002
Dietrich and Andres have a new DVD-A release from QuadroSurround this month from German band leader Frank Valdor called "Tropical Dancing". The music is in the same vein as their previous QuadroSurround release "Hot Nights In Rio"

Listeners get the full 4 Channel Surround Experience from QuadroSurround, and this disc is no exception. According to Dietrich, this title is an older release from Frank Valdor that now gets the 4.0 treatment, and anyone who enjoys this style of fun, party music will surely want to get this disc to add to their DVD-A collection.

Many of the songs will be familiar to most, and as always, the disc is available directly from the QuadroSurround website, www.quadro-surround.de

Dietrich is doing all he can to create and support surround sound and the DVD-Audio format, and all members of QQ should check out the offerings on his label and give these discs a try. We need more people in the field like Dietrich and Andres.

With this DVD-Audio you can listen again to a quadraphonic mix of another production from the orchestra Frank Valdor, the German Latin-King. He seems to be Perez Prado, Xavier Cugat and Edmundo Ros in one person, but with music and arrangements, which are not heard in this manner from the other orchestras. In his great artistic period from the 60's to the late 80's - and sometimes till the 90's - he has produced numberless records. Latin-Music has a lot of fans, even today.

In the German TV-Show "Let's Dance" one can listen to the music of Samba, Rumba or Mambo quite often. Especially the Latin-Music with many percussion instruments is really fitted for a surround-mix. Than the listeners feel like being in the center of the orchestra or even really among the musicans. The recommendation for now is: Listen and dance or at least rock up and down with the feet.

Tropical Dancing Front.jpg
Tropical Dancing Back.jpg