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FS: Tascam 44, Akai CR-80D-SS, Sansui QSD-2, etc. + Quad Reels, LPs


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Apr 11, 2009
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Sadly, I must sell my quad gear and music. I am moving very soon, and will not have space in my new home. I am asking $3200 for the lot, with pickup in the Dallas area. If you want it shipped, I expect it will be expensive. Actual charges will depend on your location.

Here's a list of the hardware:

  • Tascam 44 Reel to Reel with Wireless Remote Control
  • Akai CR-80D-SS Quad 8-Track Recorder
  • Sansui QSD-2 QS and SQ Decoder
  • Marantz CD-400B Demodulator with Custom Wood Case
  • Teac AN-300 Quad Dolby B Noise Reduction
  • Two DBX 200 Route Selectors
  • Tascam DX4D Quad DBX Type 1 Noise Reduction
  • Teac PB-64 Patch Bay

Now for the music. There are 39 quad reel titles, 46 SQ LP titles, 7 QS LP titles and 26 CD-4 LP titles.

Here's a list of the Quadraphonic Reels:

The Doobie Brothers - What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits
The Guess Who - #10
Country Joe and the Fish - Greatest Hits
Seals and Crofts - Diamond Girl
Bread - Baby I'm A Want You
Maria Muldaur - Waitress In A Donut Shop
Jose Feliciano - Compartments
Rich Mountain Tower
Best of the New Seekers
Gordon Lightfoot - Cold On The Shoulder
Joan Baez - David's Album
Judy Collins - Colors of the Day (Greatest Hits)
Tomita - Snowflakes Are Dancing (Debussy)
Tomita - Pictures At An Exhibition (Moussorgsky)
Amazing World of J.J. Perrey
Claude Denjean - Open Circuit
Stanley Turentine - Don't Mess With Mister T
George Benson - Body Talk
Grover Washington Jr. - Soul Box
Buddy Rich - The Roar Of '74
Phil Bodner - The Brass Ring
Yank Lawson, etc.- World's Best Jazz Band Volumes 1 & 2
OST - Captain Blood
OST - Spellbound
OST - Sunset Boulevard
OST - Hair
Bernhard Hermann - The Fantasy Film World
Debussy - La Mer, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Fawn, Daphnis and Cloe Suite (Ormandy / Philadelphia Orchestra)
Tchaikovsky - Symphony #4, (Stowkowski)
Tchaikovsky - Suite From the Nutcracker, (Ormandy / Philadelphia Orchestra)
Tchaikovsky - Suite From Swan Lake, (Ormandy / Philadelphia Orchestra)
The Fantastic Philadelphians - Volumes 1 & 2, (Ormandy / Philadelphia Orchestra)
Stravinsky - Petrouchka, (Macerras / New Philharmonia orchestra)
Moussorgsky - Pictures At An Exhibition (Macerras / New Philharmonia orchestra)
Mahler - Symphony #1 (Levine, London Symphony Orchestra)
Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto #2 (Ormandy / Philadelphia Orchestra)
Handel - Jeptha

Here's a list of the CD-4 LPs:

Frank Zappa - Overnite Sensation
The Guess Who - Flavours
The Guess Who - Power in the Music
The Guess Who - #10
Seals and Crofts - Unborn Child
The Souther Hillman Furay Band - Self Titled
The Souther Hillman Furay Band - Trouble in Paradise
David Gates - Never Let Her Go
Jose Feliciano - Fireworks (Japanese)
Joni Mitchell - Court and Spark
Joni Mitchell - The Hissing Of Summer Lawns
Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly With His Song
The Temptations - In Japan (Japanese)
The Spinners - Pick Of The Litter
Stanley Turrentine - Pieces Of Dreams
Henri Mancini - Six Hours Before Sunset (Japanese)
Herbie Mann - Hold On, I'm Comin'
Herbie Mann - Reggae
Chet Atkins - Superpickers
Tomita - Daphnis and Cloe (Japanese)
Bach - Famous Organ Works, Webersinke
Virgil Fox - Organ Spectacular
Tchaikovsky - Symphony #4, Ormandy, Philadelphia Orchestra
Tchaikovsky - Symphony #5, Ormandy, Philadelphia Orchestra
Tchaikovsky - Symphony #6, Stowkowsky, LSO
JVC CD-4 Test Record

Here's the list of QS LPs:

War - Greatest Hits
The Four Tops - Main Street People, 7 inch Promo, 4 songs
Steely Dan - Countdown To Ecstasy
Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic
Steely Dan - Can't Buy a Thrill
Carole King - Music
Chopin - Complete works for Piano & Orchestra (Vox Box, 3 LPs)

Here's the list of SQ LPs:

Santana - Abraxas (Japanese)
Santana - Santana III
Santana - Caravanserai (Japanese)
Santana - Amigos
Santana - Welcome
Santana - Borboletta
Santana - Carnival
Santana and McLaughlin - Love, Devotion and Surrender
Blood, Sweat and Tears - Self Titled (B,S & T 2)
Blood, Sweat and Tears - Greatest Hits
Blood, Sweat and Tears - New City
Blood, Sweat and Tears - Mirror Image
Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago II
Chicago V
Argent - In Deep
David Essex - Rock On
Edgar Winter - They Only Come Out At Night (2 copies)
Johnny Winter - Still Alive and Well
Simon and Garfunkle - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Paul Simon - There Goes Rhymin Simon
Synergy - Self Titled
Chase - Self Titled
Morton Sobotnick - Sidewinder
Joan Baez - Blessed Are (double LP)
Miles Davis - Live Evil
Quincy Jones - You've Got It Bad Girl
Quincy Jones - Body Heat
Herbie Hancock - Sextant
Airto - Fingers
Ramsey Lewis Trio - Upendo Ni Panoja
Yehudi Menuhin and Stephane Grappelli - Fascinating Rhythm (Violins + Jazz Group, playing Gershwin, Prtter and Kern)
The Erickson Tapes (Bach, etc. on synthesizer)
Radio Shack Sampler
Vanguard Sampler
Project 3 Test Record
Bach - Christmas Oratorio (Sealed Angel 3 LP Box, Academy of Saint Martin in the Fields, Phillip Wedge)
Chopin - Greatest Hits, Ormandy, Kostelanetz
Tchaikovsky - Greatest Hits, Ormandy, Bernstein
Stravinsky - Le Sacre Du printemps, Bernstein, LSO
Stravinsky - Petrouchka, Boulez, LSO
Khachaturian - Piano Concerto & Liszt - Hungarian Fantasia
Thaikovsky - Piano Concerto #2
Brass Choirs
Mozart - Sinfonia Concertante
Handel - Fireworks and Water Music

I am also including a huge lot of non factory recorded reel tapes. These have quad titles (around 40 that are not on the list of factory reels above). These were dubbed directly from factory tapes. I had an Akai GX-400D-SS at the time and used it to make backups. I've since sold the original factory reels, and the Akai deck.

  • 14 Maxell UD 35-180 10" reels
  • 12 Ampex 631 10" reels
  • 1 TDK Audua L3600P 10" reel
  • 9 TDK 7" Reels
  • 6 Quantegy (Ampex) 480 7" reels
  • 2 Maxell UD-XL1 35-90B 7" reels
  • 2 Maxell UD 35-90 7" reels
  • 5 reels (unknown brand)

I am also including 10 Maxell UD tapes and about 35 Concertapes, that have stereo music on them. I have no idea what is on them. Some are marked, but I can't say if the listings are accurate. I purchased these used on Ebay about 4 years ago and never listened to them.

Accessories List

  1. Maxell MR-7 metal take up reel (7 inch)
  2. Maxell 10 inch metal take up reel
  3. Pair of hubs for 10 inch reels
  4. Radio Shack Bulk Tape Eraser
  5. BIB 1/4 inch Tape Splicer
  6. Bag of 1/4 leader tape (if I can find it)
  7. About 12 white 7 inch reel boxes
  8. 25+ empty plastic reels (new)
  9. All of the RCA cables you'll need to connect everything

Additional Hardware Description

This Tascam 44 is built like a tank. The heads are in excellent condition. It can be rack mounted, or used standalone. It has the optional Mic / Line mixer, with balanced XLR input connectors. It sports two speeds (7.5 and 15 ips). It has the ability to record and play back one, two, three, or four channels at a time.

I also purchased a wireless remote control for this deck. It works perfectly using an infrared receiver that connects to the RC-71 multipin jack on the rear of the deck. This jack provides power to the receiver. A small red LED glows to indicate power is on, when the deck is powered on. When the deck is off, the receiver is also off. When the receiver gets a command comes from the remote control, the LED glows brighter to indicate it is getting data.

The remote operation provides wireless command of Play, Stop, Record, Fast Forward and Rewind.

The AN-300 was Teac's top of the line outboard Dolby B encoder / decoder (i.e. it does record and play noise reduction). The VU meters are not lit, but they are easy to read. There are two sets of inputs and outputs for each of the four channels, so you can set up to monitor the tape (while it is being recorded), or the line input (recording source). There are calibration controls, a multiplex filter (rumble, if I remember correctly) , output level control and a recording check switch. I think I have the owner's manual in pdf format which I'll include. You will need a 4 channel Dolby to properly play back factory recorded quad tapes with Dolby B encoded noise reduction.

The DX4D was the 4 channel noise reduction Tascam recommended for studio use of the Tascam 44. It has DBX Type 1 noise reduction.

By the way, either noise reduction system will work with cassettes for playback or recording.

The QSD-2 is a standalone version of the decoders found in the Sansui QRX-9001 receiver.

When I still used this equipment, I connected the two DBX 200 route selectors so that they go into the front and rear inputs of the 5.1 analog input on the receiver I used for playback.

This setup lets you connect the two tape decks, the CD-400B, the QSD-2 and the two noise reduction systems to one input. The DBX 200s has seven loops. There is also a line input and a line output on each unit.

The first three loops are labeled "processor". Each has a switch to either bypass or insert them into the signal chain. There is also a (global) pre /post switch that comes in handy with use of noise reduction.

The fourth loop is labelled "noise reduction loop". It cannot be switch bypassed. It is meant for use with a unit such as the DX4D with a pre-amp or receiver's tape loop. Since I never needed this loop, I simply bypassed it by connecting short RCA cables from all of the inputs to all of the outputs.

There are three loops labelled "tape". Each has a "line" or "copy >" switch. There is a source switch to select your copy's source. This is handy if you want to dub quad tapes, or copy a CD-4 to a quad reel, for example.

There is a "monitor" switch which lets you select either "line" or "tape". When you select "line", whatever device is connected to an inserted processor loop will be heard. If all processor loops are bypassed, with the monitor switch set to "line", you hear whatever is connected to the line input of the DBX 200s. In effect the line input and line output is a bypass loop for all of the connected devices.

If you select 'tape", you hear whichever loop you select on a 3 way switch.

I connected my sources this way.

Processor Loop 1 ---> AN-300
Processor Loop 2 ---> Fosgate / Tate 101A (Previously sold).
Processor Loop 3 ---> QSD-2
Noise Reduction Loop ---> Bypassed
Tape Loop 1 ---> Tascam 44
Tape Loop 2 ---> CR-80D-SS
Tape Loop 3 ---> CD-400B

When I wanted to listen to CD-4, I'd select Tape Loop 3. All other loops were off.

When I wanted to listen to QS, I'd select Tape Loop 3. to add the QS decoding, I selected Processor Loop 3, and "post". This placed the QSD-2 after the CD-400B, which provided it with the signal to be decoded.

To listen to a Dolby encoded reel, I'd select Tape Loop 1 and Processor Loop 1. Again, I also selected "post" so that the AN-300 was fed the signal from the Tascam 44 for decoding.

So setup was a bit complex, but logical. In use, this setup is a snap. I included the PB-64 for anyone that needed to interface more gear, such as a stereo reel or cassette deck, etc.

By the way, it is easy to connect the two DBX 200's to an audio interface to record any of these devices' output into a Digital Audio Workstation like Logic or Cubase. When I still had my studio set up, I used this equipment to back up most of my quad music onto DVD-Audio discs. You will need an audio interface, recording software and a DVD-Audio authoring program such as Diskwelder from Minnetonka. I can give the purchaser advice as to how to do this, if needed.

Equipment Maintenance and Condition

In August of 2011 I had the AN-300 and the CR-80D-SS refurbished at Audio Electronics in Dallas. The Tascam 44 had a new drive belt for the fast forward / rewind function installed a few years before that. At the time the metal mesh covering the back was bent a little. This was only cosmetic damage. It did not affect anything functional. Unless you look at the back of the machine, you can't see the cosmetic damage.

I last used these pieces in September 2011, when I sold my office / recording studio quad playback system. At that time, everything worked as it should. I needed more space for recording equipment, so the receiver and speakers had to go. I thought that I'd get around to converting all of this music to DVD-Audio in the future. That never happened and now I must liquidate everything.

The tapes were in very good condition when they were last played. The LP's are in good to near mint condition.

Of course, all of this gear is 35+ years old. So are the LP's and tapes. And I have no way, nor do I have the time to test it all. So I am selling as is, no returns.

I will give Quad Forum members the first chance at this rare collection before I put it on Ebay and CL. But I don't have too much time. If I don't get serious interest within a week or so, I'm selling to the world.

If I can, I want to sell everything to one buyer. I know, there will be lots of offers for specific parts of the collection. And I probably would get more by selling it off in parts.

I sold my DVD-Audio collection to another member here a few years back for over $2200. He was very satisfied.

If you want a list of titles of the backup quad reels, you can email me at [email protected] . I can also provide more pictures if you need them.

I will also be selling my remaining SACD's (around 75+) and a Jethro Tull Aqualung Deluxe (with BR), Thick as a Brick and A Passion Play sets in the next few weeks. I'll post a list here before I put them onto Ebay.

Steven Kastner


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Jul 25, 2003
How much for Rich Mountain Tower? The one I have is a bit beat up.

update: Well, on 2nd thought I'm quitting reels, so nevermind.