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Oct 31, 2008
Middle TN
Well this bonus disc is without a doubt the best of the 3 and gets a well deserved '9' from me!
There are only a few tracks on this disc I could do without, like "Naminanu" and "Me and Virgil".
My favorites on this disc include tracks like "Evidence of Autumn", "Inside and Out", and "It's Yourself".
I know this disc is very hard to find, especially in the SACD format, but I hope everyone has a chance to hear it, as it really shines as yet another Genesis album. :)


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May 20, 2013
Duesseldorf, Germany
I second that. This is the best extra-disc. There are many good songs on it.
Some have A-side quality like:
Evidence of Autumn
You Might Recall
Inside and Out
It's Yourself
The Day the Light Went Out

The other songs aren't bad either and the mix is wonderful. I give 10! :)


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Feb 11, 2012
Hartford, CT
Just gave this one a spin after not having heard it for a long time. I've recently also listened to Selling England By the Pound and Calling All Stations. In all cases I find that you never know what you're going to get from Nick Davis. There are a lot of songs where he seems to get the balance right and creates some very enjoyable mixes. In others, the rears are under-used while in others there's so much in the rears that I'm wondering if anything is coming out of the front. Happily though, for most of the tunes on this disc, Davis' mixes are pretty enjoyable for me.

The disc opens with "Paperlate" which was one of the mixes I enjoyed the least, Nick never seems to decide wher he wants the horns to come from...they almost feel like they're upmixed. Things start to improve a bit with "Evidence of Autumn" which has some nice discrete moments in the rears. "Pigeons" has lots of nice strumming going on in the rears. "You Might Recall" is one of my favorite Genesis b-sides, could never figure out how it got left off of Abacab; I like it more than half the songs on the album. Anyway, it's got Mike's arpegiated guitar nicely situated in the right rear and Phil's percussion overdubs sitting nicely in center rear. "Naminanu" starts off very nice with Phil's drum kit up front and his percussion in the rears, very nice effect. "Inside Out" has a nice spread of multiple guitars across all speakers. "Vancouver" is mixed in a similar fashion. "Me & Virgil" is easily one of my least favorite Genesis tunes, but the sparse nature of the song provides Davis with some good mixing opportunities and has some of the most discrete-feeling moments on the disc. "It's Yourself" works nicely with a guitar spread similar to "Inside Out." "Match of the Day", while not one of my favorites, has a pretty nice discrete mix with strumming guitars in the back. "Open Door" has a mix that's pretty....well...open; works nice. For the first two verses of "The Day the Light Went Out" I was wondering if it was an upmix as there was little going on in the rears, but things got more active during the song's middle 8. The disc ends with another one of my faves "Submarine." There's so much in the rears on this one that it almost feels like double-stereo, but maybe given the mood of this one, maybe that was the best approach.

As for sonics, in some of the louder passages in these songs the music feels a little harsh, but still listenable. The overall quality of the sound though doesn't have as much oomph as I would like though, feels a little lacking but again, not awful.

Genesis is easily one of my favorite bands but I think the best I can rate this would be an 8. It loses the 2 points because of the sonics and because although most of the mixes are decent, I feel that they could have been a bit better. Certainly worth owning though and one that I know I will come back to again.