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Haishan Records Taiwan SQ Releases

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Mark Anderson

Mar 16, 2004
This is a list of recordings on vinyl that were marketed in Taiwan by Haishan Records
with notations that indicate "SQ" and may be Quadraphonic.
Status on these being Quadraphonic has not yet been determined due to
language barriers and not owning the recordings for testing and evaluation.
Titles that list "SQ" use a different font than usual and make no mention of CBS,
the license owner. Because of these differences, there is some doubt that they are
indeed Quadraphonic.
Artists names and album titles may contain errors due to translation therefore
record company names and catalog numbers are the best way of tracking these
recordings. This list is sorted by record companies and catalog numbers.
The record companies listed followed copyright law in most cases and some
exist to this day and are members of Music Publishing Associations.

<a href="https://www.discogs.com/label/148050-Haishan-Records">Haishan Records</a>
<a href="http://www.45worlds.com/vinyl/label/haishan">Haishan Records</a>

HS-1026 Love Sounds in SQ. Haishan Records HS-1026 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4001 UNKNOWN -Unknown. Haishan LS-4001 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4003 Yang Xiao Ping -Unknown. Haishan LS-4003 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4004 Xuan Xia [Xia Tai Xuan] -Han Xing and Clouds. Haishan LS-4004 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4005 FENG FEI FEI -Call. Hai Shan LS-4005 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4006 FENG FEI FEI -Italian Memorable, Nostalgic Oldies. Hai Shan Record Co. LS-4006 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4007 JENNY TSENG -Autumn Song. Hai Shan LS-4007 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4009 UNKNOWN -Unknown. Haishan LS-4009 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4012 JENNY TSENG-Unknown. HaiShan Records LS-4012 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4013 YU YA -Unknown. HaiShan Records LS-4013 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4014 FENG FEI FEI -Maple Leaf Situation. Hai Shan Records LS-4014 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4015 YU YA -According To The Wind. Hai Shan LS-4015 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4016 Wu Xiuzhu -Past memories are hard to forget. Haishan Records LS-4016 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4017 YANG YA HUI -Encourage. Hai Shan LS-4017 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4019 FENG FEI FEI -Different Love. Hai Shan LS-4019 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4020 FENG FEI FEI -Warm In The Fall. Hai Shan Records LS-4020 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4021 FENG FEI FEI -Miss Songs. Hai Shan LS-4021 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4022 Yang Meilian -Pursuit of ideal. Haishan Records LS-4022 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4023 JENNY TSENG -Love Dodge. Hai Shan LS-4023 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4024 FENG FEI FEI -Summer Holidays Roses. Hai Shan LS-4024 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4025 Ouyang Feifei -with you. Haishan Records LS-4025 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4026 YU YA -Expected. Hai Shan Records LS-4026 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4027 FENG FEI FEI -. Hai Shan LS-4027 (SQ) [Taiwan]a
LS-4028 Chen Lanli -Rain slightest. Hai Shan LS-4028 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4029 Jenny -chase the ball pursue. Haishan Records LS-4029 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4030 Xiqing -Life is a woman in sea. Haishan LS-4030 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4033 FENG FEI FEI -Tomorrow Two-Year-Old. Hai Shan LS-4033 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4534 Disnai band big -band electronic musical performance. Hai Shan Records LS-4534 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4035 Shirley -leaves fluttering what day meet again. Hai Shan Record Co. LS-4035 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4037 Yang Xiao Ping -Haishan Records LS-4037 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4040 Eagle (Compilation). Hai Shan LS-4040 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4041 Kang Yaya -Flying wing. Haishan Records LS-4041 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4042 FENG FEI FEI -Unknown. HAI SHAN LS-4042 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4043 Wu Xiuzhu -Haitian Monochrome. Haishan Records LS-4043 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4045 JENNY TSENG -I Was a Gull. Hai Shan Records LS-4045 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4047 Zhang Min -married daughter. Haishan Records LS-4047 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4048 FENG FEI FEI -Leaves Fluttering. HAI SHAN LS-4048 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4050 Xiulan -Sunsets, waves, love. Haishan Records LS-4050 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4052 YU YA -Midnight kiss Solo River. Hai Shan Records LS-4052 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4053 JENNY TSENG -Wedding Day Vacation. Hai Shan LS-4053 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4054 Yang Yahui -love thunder storm. Haishan Records LS-4054 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4055 Liu Jia Chang -Unknown. Haishan Records LS-4055 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4056 Chen Lanli -Love How Much. Hai Shan LS-4056 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4059 UNKNOWN -Unknown. HAI SHAN LS-4059 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4060 Chen Yingjie -breeze drizzle sunny. Haishan Records LS-4060 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4062 Chen Lanli -Jinxi He Xi. Haishan Records LS-4062 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4063 TIN LU LU ?-Dream a Foreign Land. Hai Shan LS-4063 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4064 Wu Xiuzhu -Mulberry Movie Soundtrack. Haishan Records LS-4064 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4065 Su Zhaoxing -Guitar Album. Haishan Records LS-4065 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4066 Wu Xiuzhu-Unknown. Haishan LS 4066 4 Channel [Taiwan]

LS-4068 Wu Xiuzhu -Love There Tomorrow. Hai Shan LS-4068 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4069 Chen Lanli -Suzhou Riverside. Haishan Records LS-4069 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4070 OUYANG FEI FEI -Love the Way You and I. Hai Shan LS-4070 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4072 UNKNOWN -Unknown. Haishan Records LS-4072 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4073 Chen Lanli -Iraqis at the End of the World. Hai Shan LS-4073 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4074 TIN LU LU ?–Unknown Title. Hai shan Records LS-4074 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4075 JENNY TSENG -Haishan Records LS-4075 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4077 YANG MEI LIAN -Seaside Love Song. Haishan Records LS-4077 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4078 Yang Xiao Ping -Constant Love. Hai Shan LS-4078 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4079 Juan Xiu Zhen -Aegean Sea. Hai Shan LS-4079 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4081 Hong Xiulan -I love. Hai Shan Record Co. LS-4081 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4082 Yang Xiao Ping -Acacia. Haishan Records LS-4082 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4083 Ji Bao Ru -Under the creek. Haishan Records LS-4083 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4084 Yang Yahui -love thunder storm. Haishan Records LS-4084 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4085 YU YA - Gao Shen Tai, Yan Shui Han. Haishan Records LS-4085 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4093 Chen Ying Jie -compact Acacia. Haishan Records LS-4093 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4501 UNKNOWN -Unknown. Haishan Records LS-4501 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4504 Jiang Shui -east flow. Hai Shan Records LS-4504 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4505 Unknown. Haishan Records LS-4505 (SQ) [Taiwan]
LS-4506 Disini big band -electronic musical instrument episode 6. Haishan Records LS-4506 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4513 UNKNOWN -Unknown. Haishan Records LS-4513 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4516 UNKNOWN -Unknown. Haishan Records LS-4516 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4518 UNKNOWN -Unknown. Haishan Records LS-4518 (SQ) [Taiwan]

LS-4552 UNKNOWN - Chinese Cherry Blossoms about love,life. Haishan records LS-4552 (SQ) [Taiwan]