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I own a PIONEER QX-949, it was working ok, but now it presents the following problems:

1.-The FL channel sometimes goes in an intermittent sound or totally out, curiously it fix up pressing the power switch of a deck connected to one of AC outlets, or with a considerably volume increment.

2.-The FR channel sometimes goes totally unbalanced in relation with the other channels, fixing it increasing the volume or turning off/on the receiver.

3.-The RL channel suddenly never worked again.

4.-The more recent problem is in the protection circuit, I think, and maybe is consequence of the above symptoms: sometimes all the output goes down after a "click" (like the one of the fuse when turning on the unit) and turns on again with a "click" to then repeat it in irregular intervals.
What do you think is the problem? What should I ask from the repair service? Do you think I'll need any parts?HOW COULD I CHECK THAT THE DEMODULATOR AND DECODERS ARE REALLY WORKING?

I'm a very young quadlover so I would thank any answer, advice or help of experienced people like you...