HiRez Poll Harrison, George - ALL THINGS MUST PASS [Blu-Ray Audio (Dolby Atmos)]

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Aug 28, 2003
I wanted to like the surround mix a lot as there are two of my favorite post-Beatles singles, My Sweet Lord and What is Life on this album. Some of the issues are due to the source materials and the embedded production effects compliments of producer Phil Spector. I think these limit the potential fidelity of the remix. Also, I think to make this sound its best in surround you probably have to boost the surround speakers a bit. My system is calibrated and other surround mixes sound great, but the rear spears on ATMP atmos seem weak. This is like stepping out of bounds on an Olympic floor routine and result in an automatic point deduction because I am lazy. Also I am worried that I will forget the custom setting and screw up the setup for subsequent listens to other surround mixes. So I tried listening to the LPCM stereo 192k version and played it on DTS Neural X, or something like that, aka “fake surround” and it wasn’t bad at all. Double and triple albums are also tough due to time constraints, task lists around the house, a spouse who wants some attention, pets, friends, life, etc. But no points were deducted for artistic largesse. So if you are not lazy and don’t mind boosting your surrounds, it’s probably an 8, but I gave it a 7 again due to my own laziness, for which I can’t blame either Spector or the Harrison estate..
Try the Atmos mix doenmixed to 5.1


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Sep 2, 2012
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Please consider giving it your attention for at least one listen. ;) If you aren't hearing loud guitars and vocals in the rears on What Is Life you may want to check your system. Lots going on in general.
You can always come back and bump your score up :D

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Apr 3, 2010
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Try the Atmos mix doenmixed to 5.1
I agree. In pretty much all of the Atmos releases I have played on my 5.1 system, that is the best option mix wise.
What I did was rip the 7.1 TrueHD stream using DVD AudioExtractor. Then I removed the two channels as indicated in the screen shot below thereby creating a 5.1 from the TrueHD stream. The two channels that I eliminated contain reverb only. Although these channels do not play back at a significant volume, it is a way to even further de-Spectorize the mix. (I do play the Atmos layer, but sometimes I'm too lazy to get up and load the disc. So I just play a song or two in 5.1 from the ripped files.)

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