Hawkwind: Space Ritual (Stephen W Tayler 5.1 mix coming in September 2023!)


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I like SWT's approach to 5.1 mixes, would like to listen to it but this release is definitively to expensive.

Why do those record companies let me choose only between crippled Atmos streaming at low bit rate (if there is one) or very expensive SuperDeluxe editions? Nothing in between? There are enough examples for "in between" (PF - Animals, APP - Turn Of A Friendly Card and more). I'll repeat this as often as I can.

I can spent my bucks only once. And I decided for the benefit of Pineapple Thief's latest release. Sorry to be honest.

Same reason dogs licks their balls.... because they can. LOL :D
I went to Zon.UK and copied the ASIN # B0CB383SQD in Zon.ca and found a listing. $188.56 Can before tax. Still a lot for 1 blueray when I have the original vinyl package. A strong temptation tho.
£100 here and I'm in the bargain territory. Break even point is £10 per disc in a box set, remembering I was paying ballpark £15 for a single CD in the 1990s.

Plus it's prime Hawkwind
How did not hear about this until just today? My order's in! :QQlove

$126.55 through Burning Shed. Always been happy doing business through them. Cherry Red's S&H leaves a lot to be desired. ImportCDs has always been good to me too, though.

My last post reviewing Paranoid I signed off wishing Rhino would do Space Ritual and pizowww...I wished this 5.1 into existence. Although, (sigh) it's buried in a box set. Beggars can't be choosers and all that...I guess? Might be a good idea for Cherry Red to do a Hawkwind 5.1 bundle? Rhino sure seemed to move a lot of units that way.
For US folks, importCD is by far the cheapest at this time. $117.15, then with tax and shipping... $127.65
Amazon US is $141.99. Then with shipping and or tax... $150.86

Amazon's guarentee that will give you the price of it goes down on release day has become a joke. Amazon's prices on release day are often high and one can usually (not always) get better prices elsewhere. Whereas I used to automatically pre-order discs on Amazon I haven't done this for some time!
Looks like the same engineer who remixed that Children's Children's Children's Moody Blues album recently? While that's not the worst mix I've ever heard I like the original better even in damaged condition. In a vacuum, that might have been a great mix. I know there were limitations with the source recordings too. But making a call on all that is supposed to be part of the whole deal it isn't it!

Definitely going to wait and watch for reviews considering.

It's Hawkwind so of course I'm interested! It is a murky album. I mean, it's live 1972. And again, it's Hawkwind... How well was this actually recorded? Are there even reasonable multitracks that one of the master mixers could turn into something better? And all the tapes are on hand? We're not going to get treated to some upmix abomination for part of the album? (Actually I believe there is an upmixed version of this on DVD. Might be a bootleg though.)