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Help Needed: Technics RS-715US Reel to Reel

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May 21, 2018
I know this is for Quad but been looking for 5 years for a Certain Technics Model with NO luck.
I just got a Technics Model Number RS-715US Reel to Reel Tape Deck. This has all the Bell’s & Whistles on it. It has 3-Motor Operation, Fast Breaking, 4-HPF Heads, Auto Reverse, 4-Track, Solonoid Operation,
Stainless Steel Front, 7” Reel’s, Side Wood Pannel’s, Remote Control Ready, Sound on Sound. The Weight alone kill’s me close to 70 Pounds. It was made from 1972-1974 the same identical time as the RS-745U was made. I have no ideas how many Deck’s Technics would of made of the RS-745U? They would of had to make 300 to 500 to make a Profit? It is on there Front Cover if there Sales Catalog for 1973!!

What kind of Service should of been done on this Reel to Reel Tape Deck? It was Serviced & all that was done was 3 Capacitors & 1 Transistor was Replaced & the Pot’s Cleaned. I ordered the Pinch Roller & 2 Belt’s to be safe & I know it wasn’t Re-Greased at
all. So should I replace them to be on the safe side? Should I replace the Pad’s on the Breaking or not? Tell me what you think about this matter.