Help on Ripping and converting dts-CD today.

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Kal Rubinson

2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Jul 22, 2004
I don't have the Tchaikovsky's Suite No. 3 , but I have Debussy La Mer - Nocturnes from the same series and just confirmed I could rip it with foobar2k and then convert it to flac with AudioMuxer. I used the File/Open CD/Rip menu with Output Format = WAV in foobar2k to do the rip and then the Tools/Audio Conversion/Select Audio menu in AudioMuxer. I do have the ArcSoft DTS decoder installed in AudioMuxer; so maybe that makes a difference. When the WAV files are loaded in the Audio Conversion tool, it will recognize them as DTS WAV files if all is working. Here is a screen shot:
As you have JRiver just drag the wav file into that and convert to flac. I've done that with all my DTS discs so I can play them via Roon. Should retain all channels doing this.
In the past, I have tried both of these, albeit without using foobar for ripping, and both failed. I admit that I am a completely unsophisticated user of AudioMuxer. I will try these again, just for the experience.