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Aug 12, 2010
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Since posting a few snapshots of my listening room here, I have had a few members ask how I frame and hang the records/jackets without them vibrating on the walls, which they are prone to do. Since I had to hang another one, I though I'd provide a little tutorial on the subject. You may have a different/better method, But this is how I've done mine.

I use these frames. I get them from Walmart for about $10 each.
frames 1.jpg

Use a small piece of duct tape and apply it to the hanging loop as shown. Else the loop will spin and make it difficult to hang.

Get some 1/2" x 1/2" square wooden dowel. Cut them into short lengths. I use 1-1/2" long pieces. you will need two per frame.

frames 2.jpg

The wood blocks need to be glued to the back panel. I use contact cement because its fast and strong. Contact cement doesn't need clamping and instantly bonds. Apply glue in the areas about midway between each corner clip and the center clip on the bottom edge of the frame. Apply glue to one side of each block. Be sure to lay glue so it will cover the entire surface of the block edge on both the block and the frame back. Allow it to dry per the manufactures instructions if using contact cement. For other glue types, do as you think best.


Once dry, press them in place. I use a paint stick to provide a clearance gap between the frame and the block. I use 1/2" thick blocks because they end up very close to matching the thickness of the frame edge for most things I hang. If you are hanging thick record jackets, thinner blocks might work better. Once the blocks are mounted, remove the frame clips, the rear panel, and the product sheet from the frame. You can also use some tiny braids to nail the blocks to the back panel if you like. Just be sure they are short enough that they don't pierce the back side of the blocks.


Most of what I hang are picture disks. They require a matt of some kind. I use gold colored poster board I get from the local Hobby Lobby craft store. Using a razor knife, cut it to the same size as the back panel. You want straight clean cuts. I just use the frames back panel as a pattern and edge guide. You don't need a matt if you are hanging a full album jacket.


Use masking tape to set the record on the matt. Just 3 or 4 little rolls is all it takes. The hard part is setting the disc on the matt so it is even on all sides and oriented straight up and down.



For picture disks I usually include the original sleeve and plastic that the disk came in under the back frame panel.

Now just re-assemble the frame with the clips and backing panel. I only put on 2 or 3 side clips at first and then look at the disk placement to be sure everything is centered and there are no loose bits of paper fiber showing. You can usually shift the disk and its matting a bit if needed by tapping the edge of the frame as needed to shift the position of the record.

Finally, locate the hanger where needed on the wall. Take some stick tack putty and put it on the glued on blocks. You want enough putty so it is protrudes beyond the edge of the frame by 1/16"-1/8" or so. Hang the frame and when you are sure its straight, press in the bottom to couple it to the wall with the putty. I use this stuff. Its easy to work with and dosent hurt the walls. To remove, slide a putty knife up under the blocks to break the putty bond.
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