How to make listen a video promo Atmos from my website


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New member
Mar 20, 2023
I kindly ask you if you can help me solve some doubts about listening to music and videos in Atmos on the web and from desktop via headphones.
Specifically, I made a promo video to put on my site and I would like to make it listen in Atmos, with compatible headphones.
I own Air Pod Pro 2, other than Apple's (Air Pods 3rd generation and Max), what other headphones are compatible with Atmos?
I read on this article ( computers with Apple silicon,Dolby Digital) that it is possible to insert a clip in Atmos if it is encoded in Dolby Digital Puls with JOC (which I don't know what it is) and not uploading it to Youtube, which does not provide Atmos audio at the moment, but directly in the media content of the site.
By doing so, with compatible headphones, you can listen to the clip in Atmos on all three major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) why does the article only mention Safari?
And on Windows and Android how does it work?
Thank you all.