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Humble: The Beat Goes On

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Mar 20, 2018
Ohio, USA
Current Humble Bundle (https://www.humblebundle.com) contains an audio software bundle. I bought it awhile ago so have an older version, but $25 includes a Windows version of Sound Forge Pro 12.
  • Architecture: 64-bit
  • Record: Record on up to 32 channels in 64-bit/384 kHz in premium quality.
  • Sound design: Sophisticated audio editing and restoration with the new DeHisser, DeClipper, DeClicker & DeCrackler
  • Post-production: Significantly optimized broadcast-ready wave files
  • Mastering: Discover new high-quality tools such as Wave Hammer 2.0 (multiband compressor), equalizer, multiband compressor and mastering limiter.
  • Standards: VST3 support / DSD import & export / High-quality POW-r dithering / DAO CD mastering to Red Book specification


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Jul 5, 2002
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When Sony wanted to design a video editor software program for Windows, they purchased Sound Forge audio editing which had gained favor as an very intuitive and user friendly AND powerful software. They took this design and made it into Sony Vegas NLE for PC.

I use Vegas 13 for much of my audio editing projects and not just video things. It’s got everything, except I don’t think that my version outputs to DSD, not that I world ever convert a beautiful PCM into that codec if given a chance.

Btw I did not see an Audio Bundle on that site with all of those neat packages of “low-cost” software packs.
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