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I just released what appears to be one of two octophonic albums. Anyone interested?

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Apr 28, 2013
This is a bit of a special release. Since there's no "standard" for octophonic music, we're releasing it as a data DVD with a ton of files on.
The album in question is a house concert of a couple young musicians.
This music is "intended" for a studio like this one at the University of Alberta:

About the album:

Sunshine Prosperity is a collaborative record label representing young musicians from Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.


Thank you for purchasing the very first octophonic album available to anyone!
This is the DVD data disk of the full quality octophonic mixdown, done by iamb.
It was recorded with 7 microphones and several direct input instruments.
To play these songs, import the eight tracks from each folder into your DAW,
disable the master output and set each track to output from whichever speaker you desire. We recommend trying out Reaper, which has an excellent trial version.
They are intended to be played in an octagon, with the speakers numbered in a circle from 1-8, with the listener sitting in the centre facing the gap between 2/3.
Feel free to downmix into 7.2/7.1/5.1 or whatever you have!

The ten tracks in this live album are:
Drumumba Disco - Daniel, Ryan, Noah, Ian
Waterfall - Noah, Ben, Daniel
Princess of the Pine Tree - La Fringe
Misty Heights - La Fringe
Love Alarms - Shane
Where are you - Shane
True Love - LOMBOK
City of Stone - La Fringe
Bahasa - LOMBOK
Get Lucky - All

The musicians on this album are:
Owen Hooper (LOMBOK) - http://lombok.bandcamp.com/
Shane Hooper - http://shanehooper.bandcamp.com/
Ben Hunter
Daniel Hunter (I'm Not English) - http://imnotenglish.bandcamp.com/
Ian MacPhail-Bartley (idmb)
Eric Peterson (La Fringe) - http://ericpeterson.bandcamp.com/
Ryan Quist - http://ryanquist.bandcamp.com/
Noah Sherrin - http://noahsherrin.bandcamp.com/

Included is a printout of the DVD case insert and artwork for printing square CD cases.

Note: I'm not trying to sell this to make money. I'm trying to sell this because there are none available online, and distributing wave files is a bit tedious if I were to do it via upload/download.


Jan 3, 2014
I like to know - is it successfull post or it doesnt - is anybody interested in your offer?


Jan 3, 2014
Thank you!

I also have such ideas - to offer my music in 4 or 8 chfnnel but ////you know - it is very hard to spread not commercial electronic music!
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