I took a Moog classic, popcorn (1969) and performed it on Buchla 208c in quadraphonic, then converted to binaural

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Aug 27, 2019

I recorded it in quad:
I'm using the 2 channels from the Buchla 208c, one goes via the Echophon, the other direct into a Koma Electronic Poltergeist to animate these 2 channels.

I mixed/mastered in 5.1 on Logic Pro X then converted it to binaural using Noisemakers Binauralizer studio.

Youtube does not do 5.1 (it accepts it, I see files in 5.1 but there are no players) so I think this is the best I can do in this format.

I'm curious what you think of the spatialization and if you have different DAW flows or tips to release music.

Jim the Oldbie

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Jun 6, 2015
Midwest USA
Wheee! Fun in the 'phones!

I'm afraid I don't have any useful tips at this time, just a big thumbs-up. I'm in the process of getting back into this stuff after a very long absence. Many projects in the fire at once - building a TTSH, restoring an old Aries modular I built 45 years ago(!), plus a bunch of smaller parts including a dual Wilson Analog Delay, etc. etc. (Just built another small Eurorack module last night.)

Eventually I intend to set up a small studio in an unused bedroom here & see what kind of noises I can make with all this stuff! So I tip my hat to you for putting it out there.