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Here's more info on the new PentaTone Classics label from Dirk van Dijk ( at the label:

>>PentaTone Classics is a division of PentaTone Music B.V. and was founded in 2001 by three former executives of Philips Classics (one of the classical music labels of Universal) together with Polyhymnia International (the former recording centre of Philips Classics).

The founders of PentaTone believe that 5-channel surround sound will gradually replace today’s stereo sound, because surround sound provides an extra dimension to the musical experience. Hearing is believing. Not only the artists and the audiophiles are convinced. Everybody who attends a demonstration confirms that the experience is more natural and superior compared to stereo sound.

Polyhymnia International is a recording studio specialising in high-resolution 5 channel surround sound recordings of classical music. It has a stellar reputation for the quality of its recordings. It has made many demonstration recordings for Sony and Philips Electronics the inventors of the Super Audio CD format, the format which is considered by most experts as the most likely winner of the battle between the SACD and DVD-audio. Sony launched a number of so called combi-players (which play both DVD and SACD) at very attractive prices and Philips plans to do the same in the course of 2002.

PentaTone has made 4 recordings in 2001, two of which are now available and are distributed by Coda in the the Benelux and France. We expect our two other recordings to be available in March. For information about local distribution in your country please contact our distributor Coda. (+ 31 20 6421774).

In January 2002 PentaTone recorded the official music which was performed during the wedding ceremony of the Dutch crown prince Willem-Alexander and Máxima. This recording is distributed by the Universal Music Group (Cat. nr. PTC 5186 005). It includes a new arrangement of Piazzola’s famous tango “Adios Nonino” for Chamber Orchestra, Choir and Bandoneon.

PentaTone’s plans for the year 2002 and beyond are to create a new classical catalogue superbly recorded by Polyhymnia International, and starting with the most famous works, performed by top classical artists. More details will be announced shortly and could be read on our website

Information about our distributor is available on : <<