Quad LP/Tape Poll Jefferson Starship: Spitfire [CD-4/Q8/QR]

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Feb 8, 2004
The Top 40 Radio of My Mind
Grunt BFD1-1557, from 1976.

Side 1:

1. Cruisin'
2. Dance With The Dragon
3. Hot Water
4. St. Charles

Side 2:

1. Song To The Sun:
Pt. I--Ozymandias
Pt. II--Don't Let It Rain
2. With Your Love
3. Switchblade
4. Big City
5. Love Lovely Love

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QQ Lifetime Supporter
QQ Lifetime Supporter
Aug 25, 2018
The midwestern United States
This was the third album I bought with my own money--I think I was mesmerized by the cover! Although it does have its moments, it's not the strongest Jefferson Starship release, especially coming on the heels of Red Octopus. That being said, there is still much to recommend musically along with a solid Quad mix (I'm listening to a flac from the QR).

This album is a real democratic effort, with all of the band contributing to the writing. Capitalizing on the success of "Miracles," we get a pleasing retread in "With Your Love" and more Marty Balin vocal smoothness in "Crusin'," "St. Charles," and "Love Lovely Love."
Paul Kantner keeps things political and rocking with "Dance With the Dragon" and the suite that opened side two, "Song to the Sun: Ozymandius / Song to the Sun: Don't Let it Rain." Grace Slick is her rockin', smokin' self on "Hot Water" and "Switchblade." Throughout, we are treated to a polished musical presentation featuring some nice lead guitar from Craig Chaquico (sure, he's no Jorma Kaukonen, but he is smooth!). The only real throw-away on the album is drummer John Barbata's "Big City," but that's the price to pay for democracy.

The Quad mix is enjoyable but not as adventurous as I'd hoped, making this a solid 8 for me.
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