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DVD/DTS Poll Jethro Tull - A Passion Play (An Extended Performance) (DTS DVD)

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Jan 8, 2010
I always thought Stand Up thru Minstrel were the over the top amazing Tull albums with this one and TAAB being the center point. Fantastic mix from Steve Wilson on all points! I don't think he missed anything. The Chateau Sessions is a genuine lost album with songs and music that is the real deal from the center point of this period. It's like hearing a major album from them from an alternate universe or something. Incomplete parts aside of course. But the fully finished tracks that never resurfaced are greatness.

You have to understand that this album was their tongue and cheek response to bands like Yes and ELP making more and more complex music. (TAAB was their response to album side long songs. "Ours is the whole album long!") You end up laughing out loud often wondering how they even keep the chord changes straight! Definitely not an album for background music. If you were looking for something catchy like Bungle in the Jungle, this is the polar opposite! That album flip sequence is still a winner. That film they made for it...

1973. This, Yes Tales, Floyd Dark Side... Was everyone dosed or something? :D


Active Member
Aug 19, 2018
Must say that out of the two albums (Passion Play and the Chateau version) in this set l tend to enjoy Chateau slightly more but really like Passion. I think it’s because I liked the unfinished work from the 20 years of JT box set, scenario,audition suite and had always thought they sounded very interesting. Out of all the surround sets of which I have all but Benefit simply because I’m waiting for it to be done like the rest of them, I listen to A passion plays box most. Weird?
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