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Feb 8, 2004
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The truth is that quad or 5.1 audio has always been boutique, audiophile stuff, and a label has to be committed and its expectations modest to stay in business while keeping itself solvent. Some reissue labels, like Ace, Sundazed, Eric and a few others remain, but they're oldies cats, they're not interested in quad. And the companies that control most of the quad tapes are too big to care, they're more concerned about selling a zillion downloads of some song by the latest bleating guy or gal. I understand that, that's where the money is, but major labels' catalog intentions these days are Walmart/Target oriented: compilations of the usual material by the usual legends. The truly interesting reissues are from the smaller labels because no one else cares, and those labels are content with their limited customers, because like them, they're collectors and archivists, too. But a gal like Taylor Swift probably sells more copies of an album in one year than all the reissue labels and their titles combined; small wonder oldies reissues--let alone quad--are niche items. But that's the reality, just a pity we can't get someone at a major label to do a Hip-O type thing but do it in a quad way. I mean, if you've got Steely Dan 5.1 remixes in the can, why not put them out through your boutique label?

ED :)