John Lennon - Mind Games (2024 Box Set coming in July!)


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Two options for the Blu-rays:
  1. The Deluxe Box Set, which appears equivalent to the previous sets for Imagine, Plastic Ono Band, and Gimme Some Truth. This time, it's 6 CD/2 Blu-ray, with a two-thirds increase in price over the $100 4 CD/2 Blu-ray Imagine to $168. Ouch...
  2. The Super Deluxe Box Set, which has to take the cake as one of the most ridiculous releases in history at $1350! The package does look pretty cool, though, as detailed in the video below:

Do you hear that sucking sound..anything Beatles is always a rip-off
Thankfully never was fan of any of their music
Another unboxing video from the highly respected Mazzy from the Hoffman forum.
Unfortunately, he doesn't do surround.

Apparently, the Lennon organization sent out several of these to YouTube influencers.
I don't have the patience to sit through all of them in hopes there might be a brief mention of what we're really interested in among all the page-turning & blather. :sleep:

This guy is kinda painful to watch... The hand activity is killing me... And I'm Italian

Different strokes for different folks.
This was the reply when I asked if he had any interest in hearing the surround mixes:

Surround music is a novelty to me. I used to have a really nice 5.1 set up in San Francisco. Played DVD-As etc. I know Atmos is different, but after a one or two plays , it wasn’t for me. I love two channel for music. Better for movies.

so I no longer have multi channel and am no longer interested in it.
The best I ever heard was Super Furry Animals Rings Around the World
Here's a treat for super Lennon fans who cannot wait until the set has been released.

Uncut Magazine's latest issue not only features Lennon on the cover, but also includes extra exclusive goodies.

SO the cat’s finally out of the bag. Welcome to the new issue of Uncut, which I guess you’ll have noticed by now, comes with a very special CD.

Next month sees the release of Mind Games: The Ultimate Edition – a deep dive into John Lennon’s 1973 album overseen by Sean Ono Lennon. We’re honoured to present an exclusive, ultra-collectable nine-track Mind Games CD, curated for us by the John Lennon Estate, full of new mixes that shine fresh light on Lennon’s working practices. We hope you agree, it’s a great way in to the marvellous work done by Sean and his team. “We’ve really tried to include everything we possibly can and we’re really looking forward to hearing people’s feedback,” Sean confides to us. “I’m very proud of the work we’ve done on an album that has always meant a lot to me personally.”

Lennon Uncut.jpg

Lennon Uncut 2.jpg
WTF? This is the first that I'm looking at this thread. 18 kg!!!!! How much does this thing cost? Not to mention the delivery driver suing you for causing him to get a hernia.
You know that this is going to get damaged in shipping. Just dropping it on its side would cause the plastic cube to crack. $1,350 + shipping + state & local taxes, just shy of $1,500 USD. The nightmare of filing a claim 😳
When looking at the unboxing of that truly absurd mega set my first thought was: looks like it would be painful trying to get it all back together
You'd end up putting a covering over it and using it as a little table to put your beer on while playing some new album. And ppl will ask, what's under the cloth, and you'd say...
*A momentary lapse of reason
*The final of my savings
*Don't ask
*All of the above.