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Sep 5, 2022
aaxd113 here. After 3 long years of living and working in a cramped, sunless north facing duplex with no home audio system, finally a super rad and affordable Victorian whole house rental randomly popped up on the rental market.

I’m only a few days removed from the darkness of the dungeon. No doubt you’re wondering how I made it this far!

As they say, life imitates art. I’ve been clipping along for too long - wasn’t sure I was gonna make it either. With all the funny and unpleasant noises I make, my volume been kept low for some time now. I always run hot, but never power off for fear of not firing back up.

No way did I have peak power required for moving, so I swapped out for my emergency amp. More power, but with a questionable power supply, I had no choice to but to grab an excessive amount of generator power and hope for the best. 🤞

I escaped the dungeon and conquered the move but had literally no time to unpack. I immediately restarted my brain in safe mode. Diagnostics check is complete. As suspected, the kernel appears ok (credit due to headphones ) but the dual condition lack of vitamin D and HiFi sound exposure for such a prolonged period of time, I can’t re-boot without risking permanent damage. Keeping my brain offline till the missing sound system is implemented is my best course of action.

The gods are smiling down on me because I already found and bought my first piece of equipment - 🥁 a JVC 4VR-5456X receiver. Apparently my frequency is scrambled because I signaled to the seller interest in the JVC JR-S401 he is selling; however, at meetup he misunderstood and had the 4VR Quad all hooked up for the demo! 😲

After a fascinating crash course on this unique looking receiver’s role in Quadrophonic history, I assured the seller its all good - I only liked the other receiver cuz it looks cool. 😎Sure my head was filled with questions around the different formats, what it meant to some the TT & cartridges I had in mind etc All minor details in comparison to adding a new genre of LPs I’ve never heard before. Sound check: massive. Condition: Serviced - cleaned & lubed, all new green LED lamps. And it looks cool too. SOLD!

Quad community help me reboot 🤓 Pointers and suggestions are most welcome! It’s true I stumbled in here, a newb with limited capacity and all - but I’m super stoked to dive into this audio journey and learn from you all. 💯


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