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JVC Cutting Center - History

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Feb 20, 2003
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Earlier today I added a section in this page about the JVC Cutting Center.

IMHO, CD-4 related research by JVC, RCA and others resulted in a fairly
rapid advancement in the State of the Art of many parts of the Vinyl
Record System.

AFAIK, this hasn't been documented anywhere.

I would like to expand the Wikipedia entry to (maybe a paragraph or two)
with specific things (opening date, IIRC, 1973-04-15), improvements to
the mastering system (better low frequency response, more channel
separation in the carrier frequency range, cutting stylus shape etc.).

In addition, in 1978, Mobile Fidelity began using the JVC Cutting Center to
1/2 speed master Stereo (maybe Mono too) discs.

Kirk Bayne


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Apr 21, 2002
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QQ member @DarrellJ worked at the JVC Cutting Center and mastered many quad albums for RCA, WB and others and would be an invaluable source of information.

It doesn't look like he's been around much lately, but maybe he'll stick his head in and say hi (and so we can all thank him for all the great work he did) now that I've tagged him in this thread.
Mar 25, 2014
Interesting, I'll have to read it in more detail later. On page 16 I noticed that binaural recordings get a mention. I've recently spotted Billboard articles mentioning the introduction of biphonics for stereo and quadraphonic. When I read that I was surprised to hear about binaural/biphonics in combination with quadraphonics. I'm guessing it never made it to consumers, it was the end days for quad after all.

10-30-76 Biphonic comes to the world.jpg

7-23-77 more Q-biphonic.jpg

Anyway, the JVC Cutting Center gets a mention.