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BluRay Music Video Poll Lennon, John - IMAGINE & GIMME SOME TRUTH [Blu-Ray]

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1K Club - QQ Shooting Star
Apr 4, 2017
Cold Place, USA
I admire the woman. She's an amazing artist who followed her convictions all her life and refused to be silenced by society. She's been demonised and abused all her life and kept on walking in her own path. All the nonsense about breaking up the Beatles aside (it's really below any kind of civilised discussion in my view), Yoko was a visionary artist and philosopher, and one of the founding artists of the Fluxus movement (also many times described as "acquired taste"). All of this to say, that her whole existence and presence, be it singing or otherwise, is not really about pleasing the crowed. She deserves half if not more of the credit for imagine - not the music as much as the concept (although, who knows how much influence she had on the music itself? she is responsible for Because, too, after all). In the case of this documentary I think it's less about listening to a perfectly mastered piece of music and more about immersing yourself in the experience and understanding how this masterpiece was created, and where these artists, who wanted to be regarded as one, were at the time.
Beautiful Yoko commentary. Thank you!